“Paul’s Impressions” – A Journey Through Art by Paul Koli

“Paul’s Impressions” an exhibition by Paul Koli, is being presented at the Nine Fish Art Gallery and Dot Line Space Art Foundation, Byculla, Mumbai. The exhibition runs from December 9th to January 4th, 2024, welcoming visitors between 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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Curated by Gourmoni Das, the exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the artist’s studio, revealing the fascinating interplay between space and inspiration. Das, as a curator, finds particular intrigue in exploring the studios of artists and understanding how these spaces shape the creation of their works.

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Paul Koli’s studio is a captivating space, particularly for those fascinated by printmaking. The exhibition reveals the intricate layers of the printmaking process, encompassing linocuts to etchings, offering a sensory experience enriched with the smells, sounds, and colours of the artist’s workspace. The arduous journey of printmaking, involving techniques like linocuts, etchings, and the use of chemicals, becomes a fusion of sensory elements—sounds of the press, the rolling pin, wet paper—penetrating the artist’s senses and infusing the works with life. This connection between the artist and the studio forms a microcosmic world of creativity and aesthetics.

Koli’s deep passion for poetry and language adds an extra dimension to his works, showcasing a delicate journey from the world of poetry to visual arts. Professor V. M. Sholapurkar, an early critic, sheds light on Koli’s initiation into the art world at The J.J. School of Art, describing it as a ‘subtle’ and ‘hesitant quasi-curricular expedition into the possibility of print-making.’

Immersing himself in materials and deeply attuned to world history and politics, Koli’s works are textured with layered understandings, enriched by his love for the logos. In a recent conversation, Koli shared his perspective on art, describing it as “the madness of knowledge,” a reflection of his unending desire for learning and the complex emotions embedded in his creations.

 Dr. Anurag Kanoria, Director, Nine Fish Art Gallery, said, “We are thrilled to host ‘Paul’s Impression’ at the Nine Fish Art Gallery, where Paul Koli’s exploration of printmaking transcends traditional boundaries. The exhibition beautifully intertwines the artist’s studio journey, poetic inspiration, and a deep connection to history. Paul’s mastery and Gourmoni Das’s curation promise a unique and enriching experience for art enthusiasts.”

“Impress” not only explores the art of printmaking but also unveils a nuanced awareness of the larger world, providing viewers with a unique journey through creativity and aesthetics.