Personal Appearance Decisions that Can Dramatically Affect Your Business Deal

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There are lots of different factors that can affect the success of your business deals. One that you should never discount is personal appearance. Sometimes, just by looking at you, a person will get a first impression that is good or bad.


This initial judgment that they make can determine whether they are willing to purchase something from you or not. Even though that isn’t necessarily fair, it is a known phenomenon, so as an entrepreneur, you need to be able to work with that conceptual framework.


Take several steps to use this to your advantage. First of all, dress for success. Second, if you want to take some more extreme measures, consider surgery as an option, depending on your industry, your intent, and your budget. And lastly, pay particular attention to body language and behavior. Someone that looks good but does not act confidently will not have the same impact as someone that looks good but also suggests confidence through various psychological triggers.


Dressing for Success


It cannot be stated emphatically enough – you must dress for success if you are in marketing. Find a way to make yourself look as good as possible. People are going to be judging you based on your visual appearance. You can either ignore that to your peril or use it to your advantage.


Yes, you may have to invest some time, money, and energy into making this happen, but if you are trying to separate yourself from the competition, the way you dress is going to be a massive part of it, particularly in early conversations with potential new clients.


Surgery Options


Even though it may feel extreme to people who are not in the marketing industry, the options to get specific surgeries done that will improve appearance, confidence, and self-esteem are important ones to consider. People who are in industries that don’t emphasize looks and appearance so much might think that’s an unreasonable option, but with very tight margins and fierce competition, working with surgeries to improve outward appearance is not that unusual of a consideration.


Body Language and Behavior


A final way that personal appearance makes a difference when making sales pitches is when it comes to body language and behavior. Do you know what physical attributes signify confidence? Do you know what your body language is saying to the people around you?


Especially as a salesperson or marketing agent, you have to be aware of every single aspect of your body, especially in a group setting or when making a play to have someone’s full focused attention. How you move and what you do with those movements can be a dealbreaker or a dealmaker.


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