Prodapt targets $1b revenue, to superscale business growth & hiring

Chennai, May 23rd, 2024: Prodapt, the largest and fastest growing specialized company focused on the Connectedness industry, has announced its aspiration to reach $1 b in revenue, enabled by a sharper focus on key business segments, globalized service delivery, new market expansion, and AI-led transformation for clients.

Specialization for growth & Strategic growth Initiatives

Communications Service Providers want to fiberize their network and expand into new regions faster, achieve complex cloud migrations, grow their wireless businesses by speeding up M&A benefits, and streamline their IT & Network operations for improved efficiency and cost optimization. Prodapt is helping CSPs achieve these goals faster, while leveraging AI to improve efficiencies and deliver “NextGen” experiences. Prodapt is expanding into new markets across the Middle East, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Japan to deliver AI-first technology services to the Connectedness industry.

Further globalizing service delivery, Prodapt is investing in a nearshore operations center in Puerto Rico, complementing its anchor facility for the Americas in Panama. Additionally, the company has set up a contact center transformation lab in Dallas, US, to help Communications Service Providers use AI for advanced customer problem solving and make customer experience better.

Disrupt with AI

Prodapt is infusing its AI and Generative AI across offerings, services, and solutions to enable clients drive efficiency across IT and Network operations, improve customer experiences, and achieve data intelligence on cloud. To realize this goal, Prodapt has identified three pillars (focus areas):

AI for growth – AI-powered revenue acceleration, customer experience modernization & business agility for clients

AI for Margin – AI-led efficiency enhancers and cost optimizers for clients. Reimagined Software Development Lifecycles for Prodapt engineers to design and develop code faster, operate and test efficiently with AI & Gen AI

AI as a way of working: Prodapt has broad-based the application of AI and Gen AI across every function, including HR Operations, Enterprise knowledge search, Finance, Marketing, and more   

Prodapt is setting an India talent hub for Generative AI Eng Services from Chennai.

Talent Expansion, AI Nativity & Career Acceleration

Prodapt is expanding its headcount globally to 10,000 people in about two years. Prodapt is expanding its talent best practices and sustaining its culture of progress and cutting-edge productivity by training its employees in Generative AI. With 50% of employees trained in Generative AI, the company has set a target to take it to 100%.

Career Acceleration

Prodapt University: Prodapt University is a year-long transformation program to accelerate the transition from fresher to AI Native, industry-ready talent, by focussing on hard & soft-skills, and early exposure to large, complex projects. Through the program, Prodapt will be able to fast-track the deployment of tech and domain experts to solve customer problems.

Career Development Partners: Prodapt has rewired its HR function globally to have Career Development as Top Priority, with Career Development Partners enabling employees to accelerate careers along their chosen tracks.

LEAP: Through LEAP, a program to spot and groom Next-Generation leaders, Prodapt is building a strong leadership pipeline across the organization. Prodapt will fill 80% of leadership positions through the program.