SOCIAL Launches ‘LoveAll’ Campaign for February Festivities

Hyderabad, 10th February 2024- SOCIAL, India’s beloved collective of neighbourhood cafés, is thrilled to announce the launch of “#LoveAll” campaign for this Valentine’s month. The #LoveAll campaign promises a variety of experiences across all SOCIAL outlets nationwide aiming to redefine the essence of love and celebrate the diverse bonds that enrich our lives.

love all

At SOCIAL, February isn’t just about romantic love; it’s about cherishing all relationships with your loved one. Through a series of activations and events, SOCIAL invites everyone to join in the celebration of love throughout the month.

The #LoveAll campaign features a curated menu highlighting the seven stages of love, offering a culinary journey that mirrors the various facets of affection and connection. Additionally, engaging activities such as Valentine’s Day table setups with interactive question cards and pop-ups at every table aim to spark conversations and foster memorable moments for guests.

Moreover, SOCIAL will host community events themed around love and relationships throughout February, providing opportunities for guests to connect and celebrate with their loved ones in a lively and inclusive environment.

Divya Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., shares her views on SOCIAL’s Valentine’s Day initiative, “Our #LoveAll campaign, now entering its compelling 2nd iteration, goes beyond the conventional romantic storyline. It’s a vibrant celebration of diverse emotions and love across the spectrum. Whether it’s the synergy of dynamic duos, deep friendships, or the warm family ties, #LoveAll pays homage to the multifaceted nature of love.”

This February, join us in SOCIAL to redefine your love in a more beautiful way. Whether savouring culinary delights, forging new connections, or cherishing old bonds, there’s a place for everyone at SOCIAL.