The Apprentice Token – A New Alternative Investment Vehicle

The Apprentice Token - A New Alternative Investment Vehicle

New York, NY, August 09, 2023 — Agile Apprenticeships by The Bee2Bee Network announces the launch of The Apprentice Token & Blockchain Workforce Development Platform.

The Apprentice Token is the first comprehensive workforce development funding tool and platform that utilizes AI and Blockchain technologies, which enables employers and educators to work together to develop highly-skilled workers and place the right people in the right jobs. Although currently funded by the Department of Labor, traditional workforce training programs are falling short because they lack a working understanding of the needs of the rapidly evolving technology industry and the practical know-how to efficiently pivot to provide customized and comprehensive solutions for today’s technology-focused workforce.

The management consulting firm McKinsey reports that 43% of enterprises are experiencing skill gaps. What’s more, the tech talent shortage could result in annual revenue losses of up to $162 billion by 2030, stalling innovation and progress. Tech-driven companies pay higher wages than those in other sectors, but the actual numbers vary based on a candidate’s work experience, skills, and location.

Like a major league scout, Agile Apprenticeships has a growing waiting list across nine states comprised of promising and talented apprentices with diverse experiences and backgrounds. For example, Kendal, a Howard University undergraduate student and program ambassador who started in the program during her freshman year, and Anny, a young mother of two from the Dominican Republic, currently works as a receptionist with a major healthcare company and aims to become a software engineer. Anny and Kendal will both successfully reach their career goals while earning a salary, college credit and receiving one-on-one career mentorship as they explore, discover and participate in innovative projects and emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, VR, Telehealth, Retail, 3D Digital Twin Technologies, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, AI/Construction, Architecture, Data Science, Virtual E-Commerce, Social Media, Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Agile Project Management, Custom App Development, W3 Web Development and more.

According to Barbara Corcoran with Shark Tank, “[Rich kids have] had the right jobs because they had the right contacts, so they had the right apprenticeships in different ‘right companies’ in their summer months when they are teenagers. They get the right introductions. Poor kids are usually waiting tables and scrapping, dealing with customers, spilling coffee, and getting shouted at… [Rich kids] know all about business as an observer but they don’t know business as a player. Whereas poor kids tend to have had hardships. They’ve had to be a player earlier.” The Apprentice Token is designed to bridge these unique experiential and socioeconomic gaps while building a level playing field for all to succeed in today’s new world of work.

Initially launched in 2022, The Apprentice Token is now deployed on both Ethereum and Binance blockchains (BEP20 and ERC20), and is exclusively available to institutional investors for Pre-ICO sales starting at $10,000 increments, including greater denominations, at Unlike traditional tokens, The Apprentice Token is backed by a hedge fund portfolio of patent-pending AI/VR/AR and Virtual E-Commerce Projects in key industries such as Luxury Real Estate, Art, Retail, Fintech, Entertainment, Telehealth, and more. Signature portfolio projects include the country’s first Metaverse Virtual Shopping Mall Project, which featured Luxury Real Estate and Retail Brands such as Whole Foods Market.

Founded in 2011, the immersive, four-year program by Agile Apprenticeships provides employers with a proven and scaleable framework to create a reliable, cost-effective, diverse talent pipeline for today’s in-demand tech-based positions. Unlike traditional internships, all Agile Apprentices are committed to a challenging curriculum and receive in-demand industry certifications requiring hands-on experience during their apprenticeship tenure. A formal diploma from the Department of Labor also verifies their employment, hands-on project experience, and above entry-level skillsets.