The effect of coronavirus on ecommerce: An analysis

e-commerce market Varun

Coronavirus has affected the world in various negative ways. It has already done a damage of such magnitude that most countries will take years to recover from, or may never be able to recover at all. Thousands of people all around the globe have lost their lives and living. Governments of all the countries are forced to take strict actions to contain this virus outbreak. Companies have been shut down, travelling has been put on hold and the whole country has been put under lockdown. 

This strict careful action has helped by large in containing the spread but just like a coin, it also has a different side. The economy of the world is going down rapidly due to the certain stun of the different industries. No industry is unaffected by its destructive effect, except one – the ecommerce industry.

The industry that is making the most of it

Although there is no Amazon sale going on during this lockdown period, the company is still growing at a never before speed. It is the same with most other ecommerce services regardless of the place they serve. What has led to this sudden rise in their demand? Let’s see.

The reason behind this sudden growth

The novel coronavirus has compelled the common people to live behind closed doors of their houses, barring them from using the brick-and-mortar resources. The virus has created havoc amid the people and therefore are not willing to take any risk by getting out of their houses, which also happens to be the right thing. No one is advised to go out of their homes until it is an emergency. Hence, the people who hesitated in buying things till now are left with no option but to go for online shopping. 

Moreover, ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have also tightened their grocery delivering services to make the most of this essential situation. Thus, apart from the pre existing customers these billion dollar ecommerce companies had, they are now in the favourite list of people who never considered them an option. The fear of going out and the convenience of getting the stuff delivered to your doorstep has given this opportunity to ecommerce sites to grow exponentially. 

The growth is not slowing anytime soon

This sudden realization in the mind of people about the benefit of using ecommerce services has the capacity to win the hearts of the people. By the time this pandemic will be in its final stage, people will have gotten used to this hassle-free service. They will realize that the ordering process is effortless and is better than going out in the world with potential deadly risks. 

Fear is a driver for many actions done by humans. 

What do the ecommerce services need to do

All these perks that the industry is enjoying currently have come as a present from this deadly virus. The process of maintaining and banking upon this opportunity solely depends upon the company and its will to stay strong. All the ecommerce companies enjoying the perks will have to consistently meet the sky high expectations of their customers. They will have to find supplies for this exponentially grown demand in the market. They will also have to maintain a safe and healthy hygiene to ensure that the product they are ordering from the site will not bring troubles to their lives. The boost in their demand is really remarkable. The wait is to see if these providers will be as good as now in the long-run.