The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift by KOLLAGE

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift by KOLLAGEFather’s Day is a special time to honour and celebrate the invaluable role fathers play in our lives. As this meaningful day draws near, many of us are on the lookout for the perfect gift to express our gratitude and love. To mark this occasion, the premier silverware brand KOLLAGE has unveiled their exclusive Gift Edit, featuring a selection of the finest gifts. Crafted from pure copper or brass, each piece is exquisitely coated with fine silver and lacquered to achieve a stunning finish. Their remarkable offerings comprise of

Hexa Chess Set – This unique chess set is designed in a hexagonal form, adding a touch of elegance to the classic game. The set is presented in a gleaming glass box with the chessboard printed on the top. Each chess piece is meticulously packed in felt cloth. The pieces are crafted in resin silver, with pure electrolytic copper coated in fine silver, making it a sophisticated addition to any game collection.

Mobius PF Round – Continuing with their tradition of excellence, the Mobius PF round offers the same impeccable craftsmanship as the Hexa chess set. This piece is sure to impress with its refined design and quality.

Wine Goblet – A sophisticated addition to KOLLAGE’s bar range, the Wine Goblet is finely silver plated and perfect for any time of the day. It’s an ideal gift for all occasions and is best purchased in pairs. With a height of 21 cm, it makes a stunning statement in any collection.

Champagne Flute – Similar to the Wine Goblet, the Champagne Flute is a testament to KOLLAGE’s dedication to quality and elegance. Standing at 22.5 cm, these flutes are perfect for toasting special moments, making them an excellent gift choice.

Celebrate Father’s Day with the timeless elegance of KOLLAGE’s silverware, and show your appreciation with a gift that speaks volumes.