TimesJobs and Radio Mirchi’s Ready Steady Jobs brings cheer to the employment market

TimesJobs and Radio Mirchi’s Ready Steady Jobs brings cheer to the employment market

Leading e-recruitment portal TimesJobs and Radio Mirchi’s maiden partnership campaign – Radio Mirchi PAR Ready Steady Jobs with TimesJobs’, aimed to get people hired quickly – concluded with the immediate hiring of 1,065+ professionals and shortlisting of 3,892+ job applicants. The campaign went live on November 25, 2019. During its three-week tenure, it connected 97+ recruiters and hiring partners with 82,686 job applicants, thereby creating a stir in the employment scenario.

Sharing finer details about the campaign, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “It is the season to be cheerful, and with this campaign – both TimesJobs and Radio Mirchi – have proved that the job market is still buoyant, recruiters are on the lookout for the right talent, and candidates are optimistic about getting a job. The Ready Steady Jobs campaign was on for three weeks and the recruiting partners tirelessly scanned through the 82,686+ resumes submitted for 8,839+ jobs. This indicates that the talent market has immense demand and supply, and thus even more reason for the employment market to be merry.”

The usual hiring campaign lasts for one-two months, owing to corporate formalities and the abrupt availability of the decision-makers. We launched ‘Ready Steady Jobs’ with a single focus that the jobs and recruiters we bring on board should be closed in the campaign duration. I am happy to share that we were able to fulfill that aim,” added Sanjay Goyal.

The campaign aimed to quickly close the available positions and featured top employers like Perfect Naukri and Management Pvt Ltd, Sharda Consultancy, V-Konnect, Harry Int Corps, Ample Leap Cognition and Technology, Hirva HR Solutions, Lavya Associates, Supro Info, Amiable Services Pvt Ltd, Foursis Technical Solution, Accounting Solutions, Spykesoft Technologies among others. The campaign’s high point came when two shortlisted candidates were interviewed live on Radio Mirchi Delhi. After clearing these rounds, both got job offers on Radio Mirchi’s live morning show hosted by RJ Naved.

Out of the selected candidates, Radhika Burman shared her story, “I wasn’t happy with my job and wanted a job change desperately. When I heard about this campaign, I wasn’t sure if I will get hired this quickly, but thanks to TimesJobs, Radio Mirchi and RJ Naved, I got my dream job in just a few days”. Talking about the experience of getting her job offer on a live radio show, she said this was ‘one of a life-time experience’.

Not just Radhika, about ten other candidates were hosted on RJ Naved’s morning radio show to talk about their jobs, career aspirations and the Ready Steady Jobs campaign. Delhi-NCR based Manoj, who got hired as an accountant in a Sonepat-based firm said that he had been struggling to get a job matching his qualifications. “Ready Steady Jobs helped me get a job role that I had been aspiring for a long time,” he said.

TimesJobs and Radio Mirchi worked aggressively to raise consciousness about this campaign. TimesJobs had put up an exclusive website for this campaign. RJ Naved’s signature line ‘mithai tayyar rakhna’ popularly echoed the sentiment that the job market is still effervescent and it’s only a matter of applying for the right job at the right platform.

Pritesh Chothani, VP & Cluster Head – Delhi & Rajasthan, Radio Mirchi, said ‘Mirchi is delighted with the number of jobs this campaign closed and it’s not just about the jobs but the families it will support, and the joy it spread. Through this campaign, we’ve been able to handhold our listeners in not just getting ready for better prospects for also provide them access to top recruiters and vacancies. Mirchi will keep bringing campaigns which will tap on social concerns and will support the society in the best possible ways.’