Top Five Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions for Enterprises

Mobile Device Management

Today, there is no dearth of people with easy access to internet connectivity and smartphones. India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market, alone is projected to be home to over 859 million smartphone users by 2022. Enterprises across industries are leveraging this shift towards mobility and are eagerly adopting BYOD & CYOD led work processes to enhance business output and optimize employee productivity.

But the management of devices and apps is a key challenge faced by all organisations today. Over the years, Mobile Device Management (MDM) has evolved to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to provide mobile security, access as well as control. The main objective of an EMM solution is to provide visibility and insights into applications and data accessed by mobile devices to limit potential risks and ensure corporate compliance.

  1. Seqrite mSuite: As one of the top enterprise security brands, Seqrite offers a host of cloud-based enterprise security products and solutions for the business ecosystem. Seqrite’s mSuite is focused on increasing the productivity of your enterprise by mobilizing the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure. The solution is loaded with industry best features that facilitate enterprise stakeholders to effortlessly regulate applications, devices, security and data ensuring the safeguarding of business-critical information. At the core of it, is GoDeep. AI, a deep learning-powered Artificial Intelligence platform to protect enterprises from known and unknown malware. mSuite is equipped with superior reporting capabilities for businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their mobility status making it one of the most comprehensive mobility management solutions available today. 
  1. SOTI MobiControl: A solution designed to facilitate the secure management of content and data on connected devices, SOTI MobiControl simplifies mobility/IoT management for enterprises in a multi-vendor, multi form-factor, and multi-operating system mobility ecosystem. With its advanced technological capabilities backed by an easy-to-use interface, the solution helps enterprises minimize downtime and enforce compliance.
  1. IBM MaaS360: Based on the powerful Watson AI platform, IBM MaaS360’s EMM solution facilitates simplified management of the enterprise device environment at the intersection of user, app, and content. With a multilayered approach that also includes work/play separation, mobile threat defence, and contextual AI-based analytics, it allows organisations to strike the right balance between productivity and security.
  1. VMware Workspace ONE Powered by AirWatch: VMware Workspace ONE is a unified endpoint management (UEM) system that offers enterprises the capability to seamlessly manage content, applications, and email on every device and for every use-case. Powered by AirWatch technology, the platform modernizes and automates the over-the-air management of every endpoint to reduce costs. It also enhances the security robustness with its privacy-first framework, compliant with global regulations, and delivers intelligent insights to optimize output and productivity. 
  1. Samsung Knox: A comprehensive enterprise mobility solution, Samsung Knox facilitates quick and end-to-end device deployment, management, and security. It streamlines device setup while also automating EMM enrolment, in addition to enabling cross-platform management and multi-layered, defence-grade device security. This allows IT admins to seamlessly address business needs throughout the device lifecycle, without compromising on functionality, output, or security.

With the aforementioned EMM-focused solutions, enterprises don’t need to worry about managing their mobility integrations and can instead concentrate on driving the maximum output for their business operations. With the adoption of EMM solutions in the Indian enterprise ecosystem expected to increase, organisations now have a way to reduce complexity, optimize operations, and drive growth – all on the back of the growing shift towards greater mobility!

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