Virgio Launches Reborn: The Upcycled Edit

Virgio Launches Reborn: The Upcycled EditIn celebration of Upcycling Day on June 24th, Virgio, a homegrown circular fashion start-up, proudly announces the launch of its latest Upcycled Collection. Embracing sustainability as a core value, Virgio has transformed its least-selling styles into fresh, new designs, promoting a sustainable mindset.

Virgio‘s smart tech enables the brand to produce in-demand styles in the right quantities, minimising waste. The Upcycled Collection from the brand is a statement demonstrating alternative ways to tackle unsold inventory. “By introducing the upcycled edit, we hope to nudge the industry to think differently and tackle business issues smartly and innovatively. It also helps consumers understand the wastage problem in the fashion industry and learn ways to address it,” says Amar Nagaram, CEO and Co-founder of Virgio.

Unlike recycling, which often breaks down materials to their base components, upcycling retains the integrity of the original material and enhances it through creative repurposing. This process not only reduces waste but also contributes to environmental sustainability by giving new life to items that would otherwise be discarded.

The fashion industry generates around 92 million tons of textile waste annually. Approximately 85% of all textiles produced each year end up in landfills, with over 30% of items from fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M meeting the same fate. This new collection embodies Virgio‘s dedication to circular fashion and serves as a testament to its mission of reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly choices in the fashion industry.

Join Virgio in celebrating Upcycling Day with a renewed commitment to stylish and sustainable fashion.