What are the basic challenges to gambling-related business?

online casino gaming industry

Online gambling has transformed since there was the first casino game that happened in mid 90s. However, everything has changed since then with introduction of technology features like 5G, AI and VR. With all this happening, it is expected that the industry is going to generate a lot of online revenue within the next mid-decade. As we all are aware, the industry involves two types of players; there are those who do it just for fun while we have some who invest a lot so that they can have better returns. We also have fraudsters who take advantage of other players. It is with this reason that gambling operators are on the watch out to ensure that such bad people don’t take advantage of any situation in the industry.

Besides all this, the gambling industry is facing many challenges regardless of the New Casinos Bonus. The following are some of the challenges that the gambling business can encounter:

There is bonus abuse

Online gaming companies have found themselves on the losing side because of the bonus abuse situation. Most online gaming sites usually give a promotional offer to new players so that they can be motivated and have an urge of playing again. The offer is usually in form of some money that is known as gambling chips. This allows you to create a new account and then have a chance of playing or if you happen to have an existing account you can continue playing.

Fraudsters have taken advantage of these offers and as a result, they create several accounts by also creating new false mail addresses and also play using different devices so that they don’t get tracked or noticed. With confident they take the lowest risks of playing the game with lowest or no minimum deposit and they end up making very big wins. The online gambling providers end up making loses and in the end it becomes quite difficult to offer the incentives to those with fair play.

Player collusion

This is a situation whereby there is a combination of online players who take advantage and game the system. When they play in casinos, there is information that is shared and they in turn manipulate the possible outcome of the game so that it goes in their favour. Player collusion is such serious that it can be done by a single player who can use different accounts to play in the same game so that he creates higher chances of winning. As a result, other fair players are denied a chance of having a fair game. The challenge makes fraud players to make use of the available bonuses and promotions.


This is money that is paid by a business like the gambling company so that a bank or credit card is reimbursed in regard to the disputed transaction held by the card holder. Fraudsters have been found on the wrong side of getting chargebacks for the original deposits they had done immediately they realise that they have been noticed to do bonus manipulation or may be player collision. When a casino pays more chargebacks, it gets greater loses and develops the worst reputation with various involved financial institutions.

The Account takeover challenge

With this situation of online gambling challenge, a fraudulent player takes the position of a real owner of the account. He then ends up withdrawing all the winnings or deposits made from the real owners account without permission into his device. Such crime is possible when the fraudsters access other players’ accounts by hacking their accounts in very many ways. Fraudsters therefore make the industry much unsecure for many players who eventually shy off.

Voluntary exclusion

This is also another challenge experienced in the gambling industry whereby an online gambling player willingly decides to exclude himself from online gambling. There are factors that might contribute to this and one of them could be because of irresponsible gaming.


This is also a big issue affecting the industry because casinos play a crucial role in facilitating most innovative modes of payment everywhere in the world. Bitcoin and other crypto are still no longer accepted by any online gambling company in the world. A lot of transparency is required when it comes to issues of account funding. It therefore becomes challenging with crypto in the online gambling industry.

The online gambling market is saturated

Online gambling is a business that is growing at a very rapid speed and besides the process of creating and launching of the online gambling site is quite easy. This has resulted to market saturation. The problem in this case depends on the level of development and the manner in which the games are created by the operators. Many online casinos might be very challenging to the gambling industry.

The millennials effect

The new generation also have a great effect in the gambling-related business because they don’t fancy classic online casino games compared to the ones before. It still remains to be a twist to how the generation Y and millennials will behave when they reach the age of maturity. There might be areas which might be explored in feature like the video games so that people can place bets.

Video games and eSports

As the millennials tend to avoid online casinos, another industry in online gambling that seem to be rising up is the video games and eSports. With this industry, tournaments are arranged and this happens under the same line with gambling sites owned by similar companies that operate the casinos and vice versa. However, there have been possibilities that most of these companies could move in the line of video games. This has been viewed as the biggest challenge that will ever happen in years to come.

With the rise of fraudsters in the industry, there is a possibility of gambling providers to detect them very effectively. This can be achieved by simply tracking the devices used by players when they create an additional account and the way they run the accounts.

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