Author Herb Curdgele’s New Book, I Can’t Sing My Father’s Songs

Author Herb Curdgele’s New Book, I Can't Sing My Father's Songs

Secaucus, NJ, September 01, 2023 –Herb Curdgele, a mechanical engineer whose real concern is this planet, has completed his new book, “I Can’t Sing My Father’s Songs”: a thought-provoking true story detailing the author’s life from his upbringing to the present, and the family relationships that shaped him, specifically with his own father.

“Mothers, fathers, wives, and all should read this book,” writes Curdgele. “It’s about one boy’s love for his father and all the people that got into his life as he grew up. That little boy never lost his love for his dad.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Herb Curdgele’s enthralling tale is a deeply personal and emotional story that will take readers on an unforgettable ride as Curdgele navigates the mysteries and trials of life that await him at every turn. Expertly paced and poignant, “I Can’t Sing My Father’s Songs” weaves an intimate self-portrait that is sure to remain with readers long after its conclusion.