CodeHS AP CSP Roblox Course Approved by College Board, CodeHS Opens Applications for Teacher Sponsorship

Chicago, IL, July 11, 2024 — CodeHS has announced that their AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) Roblox course has been officially approved by the College Board. The new course is designed to introduce high school students to the fundamental concepts of computer science while leveraging the creativity of the Roblox platform. Learn more about this course at

CodeHS is also offering sponsorships to up to 10 teachers who are interested in incorporating the new AP CSP Roblox course into their classrooms. Sponsorship recipients will receive the following:

One CodeHS Pro License for the 2024-25 School Year: Access all CodeHS Pro teacher tools that help teachers save time and promote student growth.

An Interactive AP CSP Roblox PD Workshop: Participate in a professional development workshop designed to equip teachers with the skills to effectively teach the AP CSP Roblox course.

Access to an Online AP CSP Roblox PD Course: Learn how to teach AP CSP Roblox through this online course.