Susie G.’s New Book, What Is a Santa Claus

New York, NY, November 27, 2023 –Fulton Books author Susie G., a mother of two living in Pennsylvania who spends her time working with her local church and community, has completed her most recent book, “What Is a Santa Claus?”: a charming tale that explores who, or what, Santa Claus truly is, and how he can actually be found everywhere in the world so long as there are those with kind and generous hearts.

“What makes someone worthy of the title Santa Claus?” writes Susie G. “Have you ever wondered what makes him more special than everyone else? Is he more special than everyone else? I think now is the time to stop being so hard on ourselves and to teach our children what makes Santa Claus so special. What is a Santa Claus? Let’s find out together with a fun look at what makes Santa Claus tick, and let’s inspire young readers to be the best versions of themselves.”