The Morning Routine of Top Performers: Optimise Your First Hour for Maximum Success

By Gaurav Bhagat, Managing Director, Consortium Gifts and Founder, The Gaurav Bhagat

Academy; Leading Sales Coach and Trainer

In the realm of achievement, mornings serve as a crucial gateway to productivity and success. As the day begins, top performers in various industries adhere to morning routines to structure their day effectively. It is proven that the key element for high achievers is their initial hour. Research from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) indicates that nearly 40% of India’s workforce experiences sleep deficiency. However, a recent survey conducted by Adecco India reveals that 78% of top performers prioritize a well-defined morning routine. So, what distinguishes those who excel from those struggling to keep up? The answer lies in optimising the first hour of the day for maximum productivity and unwavering focus. In this article, we will delve into my morning routine, which helps me excel as an entrepreneur, trainer, and coach.

  •   Early Wake-Up and Digital Detox: To set the right intention for the day, I set my alarm for 5 A.M. Soaking in the quietness of the dawn, I start my day early, allowing myself to rejuvenate from the previous day. Intentionally placing my mobile phone in another room helps create a calm environment for reflection and gratitude.
  • Morning Meditation and Affirmations: Embracing the quiet of dawn, I center myself with affirmations, fostering a positive mindset to start the day on a good note.
  •  Hydration and Journaling: After moments of reflection, I prioritize hydration and journaling right after my meditation. Writing down thoughts, plans, and key tasks sharpens my focus and establishes clear goals for the day.
  •  Physical Activity: Understanding the significance of physical health and fitness, I prioritise exercise. Whether it’s hitting the gym or engaging in other workouts, it kick- starts the energy required to start the day and optimise performance.
  •  Reading and Morning Drink: Following physical activity, I prefer engaging in enriching reading while enjoying a morning drink. The first sip gives a sense of calm, and skipping breakfast feeds my mind with pure knowledge, preparing me for the day’s challenges.
  • smoothly adjusts: While maintaining the core of my morning rituals, there are times when I skip the gym and modify my departure time to accommodate scheduled events like BNI meetings or speaking engagements.


As we conclude our exploration into the morning routines of top performers, it becomes evident that the first hour sets the tone for unparalleled productivity and success. What sets apart those who conquer their day from those struggling to keep pace lies in optimizing that golden first hour for peak productivity and unshakeable focus. May this journey inspire you to craft your own morning symphony, orchestrating success with every sunrise.