THORLO and Pickleball Athlete Allyce Jones Announce New Partnership

Pickleball Athlete

Statesville, NC, April 086, 2024 – THORLO, a leading engineer in cushioned performance socks, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Pickleball champion Allyce Jones. By collaborating with Allyce Jones, THORLO further strengthens its position as a trusted ally for Pickleball players worldwide.

Allyce’s athletic journey is notable for its impressive achievements, beginning with her success in Volleyball at Utah Valley University, where she earned awards such as UVU Female Athlete of the Year. Following her college career, she transitioned into coaching, securing four state championships, and receiving the NFHS Coach of the Year award for the West Region of the USA.

In 2020, Allyce discovered her passion for Pickleball, leveraging her exceptional work ethic and athletic background to swiftly ascend as a touring professional on the PPA tour, currently holding a top position among female players. “Allyce Jones’s outstanding journey embodies the spirit of dedication and perseverance that we value at THORLO.” said Martin Lieberman, CEO of Lamour Group, the parent company of the THORLO brand.

With its reputation for engineering socks specifically tailored for Pickleball, THORLO understands the impact of the sport on foot health and aims to raise awareness about the importance of quality foot protection to optimize performance on the court. THORLO socks offer essential protection against the rapid stops and movements inherent in Pickleball, ensuring that athletes like Allyce can perform at their peak without compromise.

As a brand dedicated to supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence, THORLO is delighted to stand alongside Allyce as she continues to push boundaries in Pickleball and inspires athletes of all levels to prioritize foot protection, empowering them to pursue their passions with confidence.