WordPress – what it is and how it helps your SEO?

Wordpress – what it is and how it helps your SEO

At the beginning WordPress was a simple blogging tool. Now it has become the most popular content management system used by millions of companies around the world. Did you know that 39.9% of websites existing on the internet are built with its architecture? And the number continues to grow. Why do so many businesses use this tool and how can it help with your SEO? Here are some of the facts.


WordPress – a few words about the famous tool

WordPress was created in 2003 and has come a long way to become a tool recommended by most of the SEO experts. Now it’s so well adjusted to all of the search engine optimization regulations that it’s much easier to not only build a website using this simple solution but also use WordPress SEO services to get higher in the Google ranks. It’s definitely less tedious and more convenient from the business perspective.

How can WordPress help your SEO?

WordPress gives you many interesting and useful possibilities when it comes to optimizing your website according to the newest Google guidelines. Here are some of the most important ones.

Creating SEO titles

Every page of your website has to have adequate title and description tags – both for Google bots and for people who found your website in the browser and think about visiting it. They should be composed of keywords you want your website to be higher with and some kind of CTA (call to action). WordPress makes it a whole lot easier. Using the All-in-One-SEO-Pack plugin you can quickly and conveniently optimize your tags within each subpage, creating unique and engaging content.

Unflawed user experience

WordPress is great for SEO positioning, because it allows you to build a well optimized website without knowing any code. You can choose from free or paid themes to create a user and mobile friendly, fast and efficient website. You don’t even need any designers to prepare it for you. It enables extremely easy content management and using block editors to move elements within the site – videos, images etc. And remember that creating good user experience will be beneficial not only for your potential customers but also for the Google bots.

Well optimized images

It’s great if your articles include images corresponding with your content. Nevertheless, it’s necessary that every image has its own alt text – it improves user experience by making the image accessible for people with poor eyesight who use screen readers. It’s also great for the bots that crawl your website. In WordPress, it is simply a matter of filling proper fields in the CMS. As easy as that!

So, is it worth using WordPress to help your SEO?

These are only some of the functionalities WordPress has SEO-wise, but now you probably see how simple it is to adjust some things even if you’re not an experienced developer but simply a business person. WordPress makes website optimization much easier and accessible for every content editor giving you a range of useful possibilities to get higher in the SEO ranks.

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