Russian marketplace SPUTNIK has attracted Chinese sellers to its platform

Russian marketplace SPUTNIK

Russian marketplace SPUTNIK has concluded 17 agreements with vendors and factories of China, among which leading manufacturers of clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods and electronics in August 2019.

Company will conduct meetings and negotiations with prospective vendors and Asian media within a roadshow on 15-17 October 2019 in Shanghai, China. Advantages and possibilities, fee amount and peculiarities of working with Russian platform will be presented to producers of goods and journalists.

The main feature of the SPUTNIK marketplace is a convenience for foreign suppliers. The admin area for vendors will be available in Russian, English and Chinese. SPUTNIK plans to work on an agency pattern. After sale of a product on the marketplace, SPUTNIK will charge commission and the rest of the money will be sent supplier. Already we handle all requests that come to the email address of the Vendors Unit ( and WeChat ID: Neruev.

Customers, in turn, will be able to use any payment methods of orders: by cash, bank card and electronic payments, and also through WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Branding and marketing strategy for the second half of 2019 will be focused on launching, debugging and promotion of SPUTNIK platform for large multi million audiences of consumers from all regions of Russia.

New Russian online shop will be a big platform for a wide range of goods: clothes, footwear, essentials and ordinary goods, accessories, household equipment, etc. Through cooperation with the largest producers from Europe, America and Asia, as well as reliable suppliers; control system, SPUTNIK will provide a wide range of goods with high quality and affordable prices to each customer in Russia. The launch of SPUTNIK marketplace is scheduled for the autumn of 2019.

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