What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

blockchain technology

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Blockchain is one of the leading technologies and innovations of recent years. However, some people still don’t understand this concept, which became more known, especially after the cryptocurrency boom. Contacting a blockchain development consulting service like Kiss. Software will help you know more about the technology and get the right solution suited to your industry. This article will help you understand blockchain technology and how it works.

What is Blockchain?

It is a technology that groups a set of information that connects through cryptography. Thus, financial transactions and other operations can be done securely.

Blockchain is important to ensure that no one can commit fraud, making each coin traceable from the moment of its creation. It works like a large public ledger, where all transactions are recorded quickly and securely.

Blockchain’s great innovation was to store data sequentially but without requiring an entity to coordinate the process. The network users can verify in a simple way and at virtually no cost whether the rules are being complied with.

Unlike private networks, Blockchain allows data to be shared by everyone without the need for permission. The network incentives were designed so that attackers have a high energy expenditure, while the work for users, protecting the network and validating transactions is minimal.

Main Elements of Blockchain

  • Ledger technology: This is one of the main elements of the blockchain because it allows everyone who has access to the network to access the ledger, where transactions are recorded. In addition, the ledger eliminates any chance of having duplicate records, for example.
  • Immutable records: This means that once a transaction is recorded in the ledger, it cannot be altered or corrupted. That is, errors are corrected in new transactions, and the old one (with the error) is registered and visible to everyone who has access.
  • Smart Contracts: This name is given to a set of rules that can be stored and thus automatically executed on the blockchain. This is done to make transactions faster.

How Blockchain Technology Works

Blockchain orders blocks of information in a sequential chain. It is important to ensure that no one can defraud transactions since the balances of each address depend on past transactions. Unlike a bank account, where a database stores the balances and can even erase the history of longer periods, the Blockchain records only the movements. To calculate the balance, you must go through the entire history of the network, following the transactions since the issuance of each coin.

The beauty of the deal is that this validation is fast, consumes very little energy, and is stored in each of the users running the Bitcoin network software. There are even sites like Kiss.Software that offer this consultation service for free.

A new block is generated every 10 minutes on average, and the competition to mine the next one starts as soon as a valid solution for the previous block is announced. The nodes (nodes ), who are common users of the Bitcoin network, check this response (hash) provided by miners.

The miners find the solution (hash) that connects the new block to the previous one, but the network users carry out this validation while deciding which is the longest sequence of blocks to follow.

The Advantages of Blockchain

Blockchain is a slow database and requires coordination between all participants to define validation rules, so it is not a magic solution to solve data storage conflicts.

However, there is no more efficient way to achieve real-time consensus when it comes to digital assets that could reach billions or trillions of dollars. Blockchain allows all actors to have sufficient incentives to continue protecting the network.

Decentralization is not an end but a method of making it as difficult as possible for entities or groups to have censorship power or even reverse transactions without consensus among the vast majority of common users.

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