Dimple Fouzdar: Revolutionising the Fragrance Industry in India with Maison De Fouzdar

Maison De Fouzdar Oud Imperial

With a deep rooted passion for fragrances, Dimple Fouzdar, Founder of Maison De Fouzdar, introduced niche perfumery in India. While reading law, she comprehended her endearment for diverse scents. Spending time in Grasse France, she honed the craft, learning from skilled professionals, thereby acing her virtuosity in perfumery.

Dimple Fouzdar

With a clear intent to convey emotions, create beautiful moments and jog unforgettable memories, Ms. Dimple has been ardent about her goals ever since childhood. According to her, India had made a mark in every industry, however she oft-times felt the lack of niche perfumery. This is when she saw the perfect room to maneuver her dreams. As a perfume connoisseur, she always intended to give India its very own signature scent, blending ingredients from all around the globe.

Since she was a child, her parents admired perfumes, collecting them over the years. She vividly remembers playing with them instead of toys, which is when she became lucid about her intentions. Her mother was the inspiration behind the brand, wearing encapsulating lingering perfumes, Dimple fabricated the exact scent her mother wore, which was a mystifying task.

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Once prompted, she can still sense their persona around. She inferred the power of scents and the aroma they hold, evoking a million happy memories. Growing up, travelling to distant countries, she was always enthralled by what fragrances the country had to offer rather than having a soiree or going sightseeing.

After years of burning the midnight oil and ardour for excellence, she ultimately discovered an array of fragrances that could gladden everyone who desired to feel exceptional. A fusion of mystical and modern flavors that bring blissfulness, the response she has received from her audience has been overwhelming, clearly justifying that she is on the right path.

Enunciating about her future, she visions Maison De Fouzdar being at every duty-free and all perfume stores around the world. With the aim of introducing new aromas every season, she would now be augmenting candles and fragrance hair mists to her collection.

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