The Best Healer And Counsellor- Mr. Gurpreet Singh Arora

Gurpreet Arora

Take a deep breath. Relax your mind. Don’t overthink. You are a butterfly with colourful wings, go and explore the colours which you have missed. The world is full of hurdles, and difficulties, where negativity runs inside people, so to nourish yourself with positivity, the key is to maintain a healthy mindset or have positive mental health. Nowadays, our youth is drowned in depression, stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts which indirectly boosts, the injurious habits like Cigarettes, Drugs, Alcohol and much more. So, to overcome these thoughts and maintain a positive mindset for our betterment, Mr Gurpreet Singh Arora runs a healing station i.e., “Make Me Pure”. In this, he provides the meditation ways, to help people to fight depression, stress, past life regression traumas, and many other ways to overcome their negativity.

Make Me Pure” is a centre where they transform people into a better version of themselves, they provide a sense of ability to fight our inner fears, and negativity and relate ourselves to the positive side through meditation, past life regression therapy, Tarot Card reading, hypnotherapy, reiki healing and third eye, these are the ways through which they make people face themselves and built self-esteem to face the world with heads up. The main key features of Make Me Pure are Astrology, Meditation, and Horoscope checking, by the help of this means they heal the people. Make Me Pure also provides training to people about astrology, tarot card reading, horoscope reading, and hypnotherapy, where they also offer workshop sessions and therapy classes.

Most people find depression or anxiety in their relationships, in their work areas or in their families, about which they didn’t speak to anyone and cause stress and depression in themselves, so to overcome this main cause, Make Me Pure also provides counselling to the people to feel them comfortable and take them out from their depression and negative mindset. Make Me Pure provides different types of techniques of wisdom and spirituality of energy to the people. Its main motive is to provide a better way for people to live their life with open hearts without any tension, stress and depression and teach them the purest way to calm themselves with healing techniques and meditation.

Gurpreet Singh Arora, Director of Make Me Pure started the healing centre “Make Me Pure” from his own experiences as he also had some consequences with his past life where he suffered from depression and went through a lot. After this, he decided to transform people’s life. He is a licensed career coach and trained hypnotherapist, DMIT counsellor, NLP practitioner, Reiki Grand Master and a trained teacher in hypnotherapy, Government Registered Career Counsellor and Past Life Regression Expert. He is looking forward to give happiness and a positive sense of living to the people through “Make Me Pure”.