17 year old MoooFarm volunteer helped distressed dairy farmers during lockdown

Dikshant Dhoke is a 17-year-old student passionate about working with social ventures like MoooFarm, an innovative Australian company that uses global leadership and expertise in agribusiness and technology to drive social change. The young high-schooler aspires to bring about change for the better in his future endeavours as well. He is always looking for opportunities to grow his skill set and diversify his knowledge in various fields —from watches and automobiles to business and finance. A fervent musician, he loves to tell stories with his voice and his guitar. He enjoys meditating and working out, and believes that one’s mental and physical health is of utmost importance. Owing to his quest for knowledge and his desire to materialise positive change, he found it hard to sit idle with several sections of society so overwhelmed with misery.

The lockdown had caused great discomfort to Indian dairy farmers, who were unable to access emergency healthcare services for their cattle, often their lone source of income. MoooFarm received several distress calls from farmers who were distraught about cattle health and milk yield. Devoted to alleviate the farmers’ plight, Dikshant worked relentlessly with the Punjab team at MoooFarm to raise funds so as to create a free-of-cost phone number and video calling feature on the MoooFarm mobile app, thus connecting farmers to experienced and qualified doctors. Through the fundraiser, the company was able to avail nearly 50,000 minutes of call-time.

Dairy products are an important part of our diet, and it is only because of the hard work of the dairy farmers that we are able to enjoy them. With his commitment to the cause as his fuel, Dikshant —in association with MoooFarm —gifted the dairy farmers with some much needed, and surely much appreciated aid.

MoooFarm works with smallholder dairy farmers in India and aspires to build sustainable, inclusive, efficient, and nutritious food systems for 75 million Indian dairy farmers —of which more than 60 million are women —and over 1 billion consumers for whom dairy continues to be an important source of protein. MoooFarm maintains a balance between social upliftment, business model innovations, and technological breakthroughs, for which it has won awards from organisations such as the World Bank, Microsoft, and Startup India.