5 Best Platform for the virtual event


The pandemic has initiated a new facet of our lives called the ‘New Normal’. Well, despite there being a ‘normal’ in the name of this phase, nothing is really normal about it. We have to follow social distancing measures, disinfect groceries after purchasing them, and constantly sanitize our hands.

Even all of our work has shifted to the virtual domain. Today, businesses are organizing everything from client meetings and employee interactions to team training initiatives and even hiring on the digital domain. But what about events, networking, marketing, and promotions? Yes, an online event can also be organized with virtual interaction of people, rather than meeting people in a physical location. You have several platforms for your end-to-end webinar needs.

Here are the best five webinar software platforms that are going to help you:


Webinar NinjaUnder the Hybrid Webinars segment, WebinarNinja is one of the best webinar software. You can start a webinar within a minute is this software speciality. These are a feature of WebNinja: Its hybrid webinar feature allows you to use the advanced tools in webcasting. Your attendees can see your webinar in important web browsers without downloading any related software and extensions. You can use its app integration features. It works on the cloud platform, hence comes with extensive storage and download features.


easy webinarAnother good pick for enterprises is EasyWebinar. This webinar can boost your marketing strategies by streaming to the target audience. These are the feature of Easywebinar: You can do live chat by sharing your HD video in its screen option. Also, you can integrate your webinar with major social media channels. You can combine this tool on your official website by WordPress. You can trace your webinar activities through in-built analytics tools.


webinar jamWebinar jam is the best webinar platforms available in 2020 for any webcast events. if we talk about the feature of webinarJam they have amazing features to do a live chat on this platform. It has an automatic recording feature. This allows you to rewind and see. It can handle multiple attendees at the same time. You can take polls and surveys while conducting your web seminar.


Go to webinarGoToWebinar is the best webinar software for business. Here, busy people can schedule their webinars and this tool takes care of the rest. This platform allows 1000 attendees to view your event. here we would like to highlight the feature of GoToWebinnar this platform functions on a secure sockets layer or SSL. Hence, your webinar is safe and private. It has mobile apps integration features. You can engage your viewers with polls and surveys simultaneously. You can trace your webinar with its in-built analytics feature.


DemioDemio is the best webinar software for small businesses to buy in 2020. This software is designed by keeping in mind the marketing team of any business. if we talk about the feature of Demio so, can integrate your webinar with your latest marketing tools. It has an automatic recording feature such that busy people can watch them later too. This software allows you to download your live streaming events at any time you wish to see. Its in-built analytics and tracking option features also enable you to know your webinar statistics.