5 Reasons Why a Private Charter Flight Is the Best Way to Travel for Large Groups

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Organizing a group trip, whether with your family, friends, colleagues or people you just met, can be challenging. You have to consider different needs and find a way to meet their expectations (or at least some of these).

Communicating with numerous people, even members of your family, can be tricky as well, especially if you don’t live close to each other and some are too busy to answer your calls, messages or emails immediately.

Although you’ll still have a hard time planning a large group trip, you can skip a few difficult steps when you book a charter flight instead of a commercial one for your local or international travels.

Benefits of a Private Jet Charter for Large Groups

Leasing a private jet for your group travels lets you and your fellow travelers experience several benefits that can make your entire trip less stressful and complex and more enjoyable and memorable.

Below are six of these benefits:

1.  Freedom to choose airports and flight dates and times.

Large group travels come with the difficulty of finding flight dates and times that work for everyone.

You can easily dodge this problem when you lease a private jet.

Since you’re leasing a private plane, you and your fellow travelers can set the date and time for your travel. You won’t have to limit your options to the ones chosen by or given to commercial flights, which can sometimes be a bone of contention for your group and put a crimp in your travel plans.

Whether the most convenient time for everyone to fly is early in the morning or late at night, your request will be accommodated.

Additionally, you and your group can select an airport for your departure flight. If you want to avoid the usually crowded, noisy terminals, ask your private air charter provider to choose a less congested one that works for them.

You can also enjoy this benefit when your trip ends since you can set the schedule and choose the airport for your departing flight.

2.  Flexible flight manifest.

Although you need to finalize and give the number of passengers to your air charter service provider beforehand, you can make changes up to the day of your flight.

During your initial booking, you only need to tell the air charter company staff about the approximate number of people flying with you. They will then give you a list of the suitable planes to choose from or customized solutions that can accommodate your group and meet your budget and other requirements.

The air charter company staff would then tell you how many passengers the plane you choose can carry so that you can still adjust your group composition and invite more travelers as needed.

However, you don’t need to confirm your final group number and passenger details for the manifest until around a week or two before your travel date, which means you have plenty of time to finalize everything.

In case of an emergency, you can still make name changes and passenger replacements even on the flight date without too much hassle. 

3.  Travel as a group all the time.

For large groups, a direct charter flight is more appealing and safer than taking a commercial one.

This is especially true for ultra-long-haul flights.

Flights at least 12 hours long usually have at least one layover. This stopover at an airport can cause someone to lose track of time, get lost and be late for their connecting flight.

With no layovers and everyone traveling only on one plane, there is no chance that anyone will get lost and be left behind.

You can be sure that your group will be safe and be together all the time during your flights.

4.  Generous baggage allowance.

Regardless of the number of people you’re traveling with, everyone can bring everything they need for the trip. And no one needs to worry about excess checked-in baggage fees.

As long as you choose the right aircraft, you and your group can have as much space as you want for baggage.

Moreover, you and your fellow travelers can bring anything to the plane. Whether it’s food, beverage, sports gear or medical equipment, these items will be on the same aircraft as you.

If you and your companions want to bring your pets, you can also do so when you charter a private jet.

5.  Personalized travel experience.

One of the top reasons why corporate air charter is so popular is travelers can enjoy bespoke flights.

A private jet charter lets passengers skip the usual airline food. Regardless of the duration of your flight, you can request specific meals, snacks and beverages from the caterer.

Your customized menu can make your trip more pleasant and fun.

If you want the aircraft cabin to have a complete, modern entertainment system, inform your service provider beforehand and they will upgrade their equipment to meet your needs.

Lastly, if you and your group want additional pillows, blankets and other items inside the cabin, you can also request these when booking your private jet.

Whatever customized travel experiences you and your group are looking for, you can enjoy them with a private air charter.

For a more comfortable, convenient and elevated group travel experience, you won’t go wrong with booking a charter flight.

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