6 Plumbing Digital Marketing Methods During the Pandemic

digital marketing best practices plumbing businesses

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The coronavirus pandemic is a critical time for many businesses. To stay afloat, plumbing businesses must focus on tracking and measuring key metrics. This helps them manage their company’s performance and develop strategies that help future-proof their business.

Part of this move is to focus on the right digital marketing strategies that fuel their growth. According to the founder and president of Local SEO Search Inc., any business that wants continuous leads during this time must be more aggressive in their online marketing efforts, considering that many people these days are spending more time online.

Here the best practices you can take to up your digital marketing game in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Be visible and active on social media.

Staying indoors 90 percent of the time has also increased the time people spend on social media. Lingering more on social media has also increased the likelihood of them engaging in ads and consuming online content more than they did before. 

This change in behaviour opens an opportunity for businesses to engage their audience. Consider the following factors when creating strategies to reach out to your audience:

  • How to bring your services closer to your target customers
  • Tactics to employ better serve your customers during the pandemic
  • How you can improve your services to make their situations better
  • New products or services that can be of great help to your customers
  • Better offers that your customers can leverage
  1. Boost your chances of appearing on search queries.

digital marketing best practices plumbing businesses

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According to a reputable plumbing company called The Pleasant Plumber Inc., customers turn to the internet to look for products and services. Now that people are spending more time online, it’s a great opportunity to dial up your efforts when it comes to search marketing.

  • Add more keywords – Bid on keywords that used to be difficult before the pandemic (you can also limit your keywords to those that bring in more queries to your business).
  • Find out what others are doing – Stay updated on the strategies of your competitors. Learn more about what they are doing to reach their target customers.
  • Promote in-demand services – Show your customers that your business is open and ready to serve them. Promote the most relevant plumbing services or those that people in your location are searching for during this time.
  • Ramp up your SEO efforts – Now is the best time to get started with your SEO campaign. It’s also a great strategy that will prepare you for the future when things return to normal.
  1. Go local.

Concentrate your efforts on your local audience. These include the people who are in your city or in the neighbouring location. If you can, tweak your services based on their specific needs. Because of travel restrictions, they will prefer choosing services that are closest to them.

  1. Polish your strategy.

digital marketing best practices plumbing businesses

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Take time to review your marketing assets: from your website and social media handles to your email marketing and SEO campaign strategy. Evaluate your audience and target customers. Study carefully which types of customers will likely bounce back after the pandemic and how you can serve them. Then develop a strategy around your findings. 

  1. Provide personalized experience.

In addition to increased online presence, it’s also important to create a customized service for your customers. Every customer will have unique concerns, queries, plumbing problems, etc. How you meet their needs and exceed their expectations will set you apart from the competition. Businesses that are sensitive to the market’s demands will rise to the surface. 

  1. Keep your loyal customers engaged.

As much as you focus on getting new customers, you also need to stay connected with the customers who stuck with you before the pandemic struck. It’s important to be consistent in providing them with the same services and level of customer service that made them loyal to you through the years. Focus on strengthening that trust and loyalty. 

Overall, this is the time to discover new opportunities for growth and to serve customers better. Review your strategies and identify which methods work and don’t. Anticipate changes in your market and ensure to protect your business from these changes.

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