7 Ultimate gift ideas for the wedding season

As we enter 2023, our calendar is already flooded with Weddings that we ought to attend. While January and February usually have Wedding Muhurats, but this year will be exceptionally good for the wedding industry as there are more than 20 dates in these months; even March has Muhurats. This means the Indian wedding season is not only back, it’s back with a bang! And when it comes to weddings, we Indians leave no stone unturned. As per the industry reports, a whopping 3.2 million weddings are lined up for November 2022-February 2023, and markets are abuzz as people flock to shops for their weddings or those they are due to attend.

Hawaii Yellow Bedsheet

While we love to dress for our Gramfam and meet our friends and families at weddings, we struggle to find a perfect gift for the new couple. To your rescue is the ultimate gift guide for this special winter wedding season:

  1. Bridal Package: Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. It is one of her life’s most special days, and looking the part comes with just as much thrill and excitement. Become the bride’s favourite by gifting her Kaya’s bridal package which will help her to get that natural glow from within. Kaya experts will provide customized solutions based on the bride’s skin type & requirements to create the perfect foundation for their big day! The Bridal Package starts from Rs 30,000/-
  1. Contemporary and modern designed Bedsheets: Sleepyhead’s bedsheets are super soft, made from 100% cotton and come in contemporary prints for modern homes. Sleepyhead offers six variants in bedsheet- Zodiac, Confetti, Hopscotch, Tetris, Bloom and Hawaii. These are suitable for all seasons and start at 1199. The bedsheets lend a personal touch to gifting while being functional for the newly wedded couple.
  1. Gift Cards: If you’re running out of ideas and do not know what could be the ideal gift for the couple, you can consider gift cards as the gift option. Choose a gift card from a popular e-commerce platform like Chroma, Amazon, Myntra or an online store the couple loves and let them choose what to buy. This is the best option when you are tight on your budget.
  1. Instant Smart Phone Photo Printer: In the era of smartphones and selfies, we often forget the charm of printed pictures. As the couple embarks on a new journey, Instant Smartphone Photo Printer can be a perfect gift for them to save perfect memories. Whether you want real-time photos of your destination wedding or simply like the instant gratification of Polaroid-style honeymoon vacation pictures, a portable printer might be just what the couple needs.
  1. Plum Body care Bundle: Gift the couple a dreamy pamper sesh with Plum’s bestselling body care bundle, which consists of shower gel, body scrub, de-odorizing pit cream, body oil, and body mist. Easy to pack and carry, the unisex body care bundle will be helpful to the couple in their upcoming trips too. Plum’s Body Care bundle costs Rs 2350.
  1. Ready to go Curated Gift Hampers: If you want to give a classy and modern gift, go for curated gift hampers from The Wishing Chair or Nappa Dori. Starting from Rs 2000, the brands offer elegant gift hampers perfect for date nights and home decor.
  1. Simple Cash: Giving money as a gift or even asking for money as a gift used to be considered tacky. But not anymore. Studies say it is the most welcomed gift, and most couple loves it. The cash helps them buy what they need, be it in setting up their new place or adding to their honeymoon fund.
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