7 Ways to Make Yourself a Star at Work

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Everyone has had that moment where they leave work with their head held high, proud of the job they just did for the day, only to find out it has made absolutely no impact on their career. As if that weren’t depressing enough, you know deep inside that it could have been better if only others had noticed and started giving you credit for your contributions.

When your colleagues feel no need to mention to you that you’re a star, there are many easy ways to make sure everyone knows how much they should be rating you as a member of the team.

1) Be visible – even if you work remotely

Since the Covid-19 global pandemic, working remotely has become more popular. How do you stay visible while you’re working from home? The answer is simple: You need to be visible. Spend some time updating your LinkedIn profile or Twitter feed. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you did that day and where you were during the day. This will ensure your colleagues will be aware of what you have achieved – keeping you visible.

2) Be the first to offer unsolicited solutions.

Whether it’s a new project or something that’s being carried out already, be the one to say, “I’ve got an idea.” That way, your colleagues will know for sure you have what it takes to excel in your role. Even if the idea doesn’t take off, you are putting yourself out there and making an effort to contribute something more to the team.

3) Correct others’ mistakes

No one likes a showoff, but everyone loves a quick learner. If someone makes a mistake, don’t be afraid to point it out. The more mistakes you correct, the more overachieving you will appear to your employers. On the other side of the coin, be prepared to take constructive criticism when you make mistakes yourself and see how you can learn from it yourself.

4) Put company goals first

If there’s something new or difficult on your desk, do it right away. That way, your colleagues will see that you’re prepared and dedicated to the team effort. That means if you do make a mistake, the chances are that it will be overlooked due to your track record of delivering in line with the company goals.

5) Keep learning

Education is a lifelong journey and not something that should stop when you finish college or university. It is easier now than it ever to keep studying while working, too, so you will have the time to be able to do this without your work slipping. For those working in healthcare, online courses like the Carroll U healthcare MBA will set you up for a bright future in this field. Seek out the learning opportunities related to your field of work that can really pay off in the long term and put your forward for promotions.

6) Ask for feedback

Never be afraid to ask those higher up what they think. By asking for feedback, you’re both giving and getting praise at the same time. You may even find that you’re now in a position where others see that as a natural part of their role as well as yours.

7) Be prepared to make sacrifices

Sometimes to gain respect, you have to make sacrifices. Your colleagues will notice and comment on your ability to put the team first (often known as the ‘team player’ trait). If you make sacrifices, it’s likely your colleagues will make sacrifices for you too.

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