90% of moms believe their children have unique nutritional needs; Reveals Momspresso and Gritzo survey


National, October 4th, 2021: Momspresso.com, India’s largest content platform for moms, recently conducted a survey in alliance with Gritzo, India’s only personalized health drink brand for children. Covering critical concerns of moms regarding their kid’s nutrition, the study gleaned insights into how health food drinks are perceived across the country.

It is a universal truth that kids prefer tasty food that is often unhealthy, and most moms struggle to find the perfect balance between taste and health. The solution? A majority of moms believe that milk is a complete food that can enhance their kids’ health and provide adequate nutrition, especially when paired with delicious health food drinks.

However, nutritional requirements and health goals differ from child to child, and 90% of moms believe their children have unique nutritional needs. This need for personalized nutrition is further enhanced by the fact that 75% of moms feel that currently available health food drinks do not fulfill their child’s unique dietary needs. The study also suggests that 85% of moms want customized health food drinks to address their kids’ specific health and nutritional needs. When it comes to personalized needs, the survey indicates Height, Weight, Mind, and Energy being the top concerns of mothers for their children. As per the survey, more than 50% of moms, mainly in high-income strata groups, want health drinks to specifically address the aforementioned concerns for their children. Top metro towns have increasingly higher number of working parents and with limited time available, parents want to ensure that the child’s nutritional requirement is being handled well by their meals.

Mr. Subhadeep Dasgupta, GM Category – Gritzo, said, “Momspresso’s research has unearthed interesting insights about the needs and preferences of moms. As per the survey, we found that 3 out of 5 mothers feel that the current HFD is not addressing the nutrition required for a child’s mind development. These concerns fortify our stance about a need for goal-oriented child nutrition. Gritzo sees itself as a companion of parents who understand their concerns and wants to be trusted with best nutrition care for their children. Personalized protein and nutrition drinks cater to the unique nutritional needs of Indian children and bridges the existing gaps with the right formulations. With the kid’s favourite double chocolate flavour, we offer a complete health boost tailored to each child’s need and goal. Our D2C website – gritzo.com, features an artificial intelligence-based tool that recommends a personalized Gritzo SuperMilk as per a child’s individual need and goal. The tool also generates a customized BMI report and a recommended diet plan.”

Speaking on the survey, Mr. Prashant Sinha, Co-Founder, Momspresso.com, said, “At Momspresso.com, our main objective is to offer a platform where moms can discuss their common concerns with like-minded individuals and arrive at the most apt solutions. This survey is a significant step in decoding issues with child nutrition and allows brands such as Gritzo to address the gaps with their promising and well-researched products. We are delighted to have carried out this survey with Gritzo and look forward to working with the brand in the future on several other aspects of kids’ nutrition, moms’ requirements from health food drinks, and more.”

The pan-India survey was carried out among 500 moms who have at least one kid over 4 years and give healthy food and drinks to their children. It covered employed moms, entrepreneurs, and homemakers across Sec A, Sec B, and Sec C regions. The survey made it evident that there is a need for personalization in the kids’ health drinks segment.

This is where Gritzo enters the picture, offering good health packaged in various super delicious cartons of rich protein and highly nutritious shakes. These shakes are specially curated after years of extensive Research and Development. They include essential calcium, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals for the ultimate growth and development of kids, young athletes, and teenagers.

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