A Critic’s View Art Review of 37 Artists

Siddhartha Tagore Gallery Celebrates Its 25th Year with the Launch of book “A Critic’s View: book is Art Reviews of 37 Artists (1965-2013)” by Keshav Malik, edited by Usha Malik

New Delhi, India – On Thursday, 4th May 2023, Siddhartha Tagore Gallery celebrated its 25th year by hosting the book launch of “A Critic’s View: Art Reviews of 37 Artists (1965-2013)” by Keshav Malik, edited by Usha Malik. The event took place at Seminar Hall Kamaladevi Complex, India International Centre, and was attended by renowned artists, curators, art historians, and art lovers.

“A Critic’s View” is a comprehensive collection of Keshav Malik’s art reviews spanning almost five decades, highlighting the work of 37 prominent Indian artists. The book’s editor, Usha Malik, gave the opening remarks, highlighting the significance of Keshav Malik’s writings in shaping the discourse on Indian art over the past few decades.

The panel of speakers included Shri Prayag Shukla (Ex C Ms. Amal Allana, Director of The Foundation for the Arts), Ms. Jyoti Tokas (Curator, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Modern Art), Ms. Arpana Caur (Artist), Mr. Kalicharan Gupta (Artist), Ms. Saba Hasan (Artist), and Jatin Das. They provided their insights on the impact of Keshav Malik’s writings and their relevance to contemporary art discourse. The event was moderated by Jyoti A. Kathpalia, a well-known art historian and critic.

The launch of “A Critic’s View” was a grand celebration of Indian art and its evolution over the past few decades. The book captures the rich diversity of Indian art and Keshav Malik’s critical insights, providing a valuable resource for art enthusiasts, students, and scholars alike. The event was attended by notable guests such as Shrdhar Iyyer, Pratul Dash, Nupur Kundu, Sangeeta Gupta, and many more art lovers.

Siddhartha Tagore Gallery is proud to present “A Critic’s View” and looks forward to sharing this valuable resource with the art community. The book is now available for purchase at the gallery and leading bookstores across the country.