A home where you learn the true beauty of human values and live in peace in every moment

A home where you learn the true beauty of human values and live in peace in every moment

Home is a place where you can find a sanctuary of happiness around your family and friends, but sometimes it’s very hard to brush off the stress and frustration of a hard day and sink into the serenity. That’s especially true when your home gives you more negativity than tranquility. But with Amangani – Peaceful homes, one can always embrace a space full of positivity and calmness, so, no matter what the day holds, you always have an inviting place to come after all. Its amenities, ambiance, and construction quality make it the top demanded flat in Rewari, Haryana.


For a truly peaceful life, nature is an essential ingredient. Amangani homes are the perfect blend of greenery and luxury which improve your quality of life. The lush parks coupled with walking paths and beautiful figurines create an ambiance of life that has never been seen before in India. The rooms are filled with natural lighting and airiness that boost productivity, improve mood, and create an overall tranquil atmosphere. The meditation hall, fully equipped gym and clubhouse, power backup, 24/7 security, playschool, and spacious lobbies – Amangani is created by industry experts to bring completeness to your living.


Every inch of Amangani is built according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra. This ancient science provides tools and guidelines for analyzing and correcting the flow of energy into and through your home space. The rules applied during the process of construction are helpful in the arrangement of rooms and the placement of furniture to create a smooth pathway for positive energies to come inside and around.


“After the stress of daily work routine or hectic woes of life, we all wish for a place of positivity and a serene atmosphere that can help us in recharging. However, due to commercialization,  the structure and inner workings of any house are overlooked leading to a space that drains you. We believe that a home should nurture and support human beings after coming back instead of leaving him exhausted. In today’s stressed world, it is more important than ever before to create a calm and peaceful space where we can spend our lives.” says Trilok Sharma, Director of Amangani Homes, Rewari.


Amangani provides everything that matters, away from the chaos of cities. Schedule a visit to see how beautiful life can be.