A large Dermoid Cyst goes undetected in a healthy 54-year-old woman

Dr Gayatri Despande, Gynecologist, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

Mrs. Swati (Name Changed), a 54-year-old working woman had an active exercise routine.  Her daily work-outs included 8 km walk every day. It was just another day for Swati when she noticed a bulge on her tummy. Assuming that this was due to increase in weight, she increased her work-outs. Her husband also suggested her and shared videos of different work-out to reduce her tummy. After 2 months of rigorous exercise, when her bulge did not reduce, she decided to consult her family doctor. Her doctor suggested that she joins gym and there was nothing much to worry about this.

In spite of her doctor assuring her that she was fine, Swati was not convinced. She decided to get a sonography.  To her surprise, her sonography and CT scan reports revealed a large size cyst in her right ovary.  On further evaluation, she was diagnosed with large ovarian tumor measuring 20 X 22 cm X 11 cm i.e 4840 cm3 volume arising from the ovary.

Dr Gayatri Despande, Gynecologist, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital said, “The CT scan and sonography reports showed the large dermoid cyst in her ovary. Since this was painless, her doctor must have not assumed the gravity of the issue. For months she continued with her regular life and since this tumor did not show any symptom, it remained undetected.”

Swati took immediate action thereafter. She visited Nanavati hospital and decided to undergo laparoscopic surgery on immediate basis. Since the cyst was large, a small incision was made to remove the cyst as the jelly like fluid could not be removed through the laparoscopy.

Dr Gayatri further adds, “Due to gelatinous thick fluid the suction was not possible. Hence, the separate incision was taken on the left lower abdomen and whole tumor was evacuated under vision without any spillage of the fluid.”

Swati’s case has been a learning lesson for many. Her case showed how one should not neglect anything that is peculiar in our body and is showing the signs of growth. One must consult the doctor immediately and be intuitive as well. No one knows your body as well as you do.

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