Achieve Your Goals with Bevzilla BeFit Coffee: Scientifically-Proven Beverage for Weight Management

Achieve Your Goals with Bevzilla BeFit Coffee: Scientifically-Proven Beverage for Weight ManagementNew Delhi, 22nd May 2024: With the growing popularity of coffee now offering a larger array of benefits, Bevzilla takes to the stage another unique feature product – BeFit Coffee to their portfolio. Bevzilla’s BeFit Coffee is an exquisite fusion of 100% Arabica beans and fenugreek seed extract. This beverage marks a significant milestone for Bevzilla, offering consumers a new approach to their health routine.

BeFit Coffee is not just a delicious blend of coffee and fenugreek seed extract; it’s a health companion with fibres that improve metabolism and gut health. Crafted with a patent-pending process, it offers a smooth and enjoyable coffee experience. Designed to aid weight management and maintain good gut health, BeFit is a reassuring addition to your daily routine since it works on the principle body science of decreasing appetite and increasing feelings of fullness. Scientific evidence of BeFit’s effectiveness is backed with studies, one of which showed that consuming 8 grams of fenugreek fiber extracts with breakfast increased feelings of fullness and reduced food intake at the subsequent meal. Another study found that an intake of 1.2 grams of fenugreek seed extract resulted in a 12% reduction in calorie consumption and a 17% decrease in fat intake.

Consumers can expect to see results of reduced appetite and cravings in week one, followed by clinical study estimates of losing upto 2kgs in subsequent weeks.

“Bevzilla’s BeFit Coffee is the ultimate gift for coffee lovers who are mindful of the scale but can’t imagine starting their morning without that perfect cup. It’s a game changer for those seeking a healthy indulgence without compromising on their fitness goals. With BeFit Coffee, every sip is a delicious step towards a healthier, happier you,” adds Divisha Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Bevzilla.

Sanchit Garg, CEO of Bevzilla, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce BeFit Coffee to our customers. This unique blend, combining the rich tastes of coffee with the scientifically proven benefits of fenugreek seed extract, is a game-changer in the health and wellness industry.”

BeFit Coffee offers to improve your coffee experience and help you achieve your wellness and health objectives. It is not only Gluten free and Low Fat but also enriches your beverage with high fibre and protein portions. Bevzilla’s BeFit Coffee can now be purchased, allowing both health-conscious consumers and coffee aficionados to experience a delightful cup of coffee.