After 17 States, Leh Becomes the Coldest City to use Bandicoot Robots to Clean Manholes

After 17 States, Leh Becomes the Coldest City to use Bandicoot Robots to Clean Manholes

The Municipal Committee of Leh (MCL) introduced the world’s first robotic scavenger, Bandicoot, for the elimination of manual intervention in cleaning manholes. The manhole-cleaning robot Bandicoot, which is currently operating in more than 17 states across the nation, has begun its operations in Leh. Bandicoot’s entry into Leh was ensured after winning the Swachhata Startup Award from Swachh Bharat Mission -Urban by MoHUA.

To effectively clean manholes, sanitation workers’ physical involvement was required, but, due to harmful gases and other factors, manholes have often been as unsafe as a death trap for workers. Unlike other terrains, the harsh climate makes the manhole cleaning in Leh even worse.

Leh sent out its first Bandicoot Robot to put an end to this problem. Sanitation workers who previously had to deal with the cold weather and inhalation of health-destructive gases will now be able to clean manholes in a safer and more hygienic manner. The workers are getting trained to operate the robot, which aims to empower them into robot operators.

Through this project, MCLaims to achieve Swachh Bharat Abhiyan goals and contribute to Mission Zero Manual Scavenging as well as promote Safai Mitra Suraksha Challenge and provide enhanced sanitation services to the public and tourists. The government anticipates that the tourism industry in Leh will gain from this project as well. Manholes will be filled up during the summer months in the city when there will be a large influx of tourists. Thus, Bandicoot will be a lifesaver for MCL to tackle this situation in all the climatic scenarios.

Bandicoot Robot was launched by the hand-over of the key by the District Commissioner of Leh, Shri Shrikant Suse, to the Executive Officer of MCL, Shri StanzinRabgais, in the presence of the Director of Genrobotics, Shri Nikhil NP.

ShriRabgais informed that Genrobotics’ Bandicoot was procured after seeing its operational performance in over 17 states and UTs of the country. He stressed that this initiative would successfully promote the Safai Mitra Suraksha Challenge, launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, by implementing robotic tools for cleaning sewers and ending manual scavenging.

Bandicoot is a robotic manhole cleaner designed to help municipalities maintain clean and safe sewer systems. It is designed to operate in cold temperatures and can easily navigate through confined spaces. The robot is equipped with a powerful robotic arm to remove debris, sediment, and other obstructions. It is also equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras to detect potential problems and locate any blockages that may be present. The robot can be programmed to automatically clean the manhole and report the results to the municipality’s staff. Bandicoot is an efficient and cost-effective solution for municipalities to keep their sewer systems in a top condition.

On their way to new developmental projects, the municipal authorities of Leh are attaching significance to the robotization of the manhole-cleaning process and safety standards of sanitation workers. In Leh, summers are comfortable, dry, and mostly clear while winters are freezing, snowy, and partly cloudy. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 3°F to 75°F and is rarely below -7°F or above 80°F. So, the day-to-day cleaning process was one of the most challenging problems for the Municipal Corporation. With the procurement of Bandicoot, which has the technical capacity to work in any harsh climatic conditions, the Municipal Corporation will be able to solve its most exigent social issue in Leh’s extreme blizzards, which won’t impede Bandicoot’s operation because it simply relies on pneumatics in its operation. Bandicoot which has demonstrated its adaptability to the hottest climate of Rajasthan is thus proving to be efficient enough in any terrain and climate.

“Coldest cities across north Indian regions are coming forward to gear up with Bandicoot Robots. We are happy to provide Bandicoot services to address extreme conditions out there. With advanced technologies, we aim at eliminating manual scavenging completely from our nation,” Nikhil NP, Director of Genrobotic Innovations, said.