Aman Rastogi, Founder of Zenzi throws light on the evolving beverage industry in India

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The Indian beverage industry has substantiated tremendously changing trends over the past few years. Key players of the industry along with nascent stage players are finding common ground while taking the big leap with technologies, re-branding, and re-focusing on their audience. There has been a rise in the always-on-the-go consumers who reach out for healthy products. Along with this, there has been a budding ideology for the usage of premium yet convenient products.

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Hence, the trend of popping a soda can when in need of a refreshing punch has been replaced by gulping down bubbly and healthy sparkling water. Sparkling water is a healthy soda embodiment, with added nutrients to keep the consumers active throughout the day. Zenzi, one of a kind flavored sparkling water brand, that is infused with botanicals and fruits keeps you healthy and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Aman Rastogi, founder of Zenzi shares his insights, “With the high level of diabetes prevalent amongst the population, the Indian consumer is in utmost need of a healthy alternative to soft drinks. Zenzi was born to cater to the consumer’s health needs. Today people want to put health first while at home or even at a party, hence Zenzi was fashioned to become a guilt-free mixer for your cocktails and cocktails too. The times are changing therefore the brands must run forward with the consumer’s demands and problem-solving solutions.”

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