American Standard Neo Modern; Smart Functionality at your Convenience

American Standard Neo Modern

Modernize your bathroom with American Standard Neo Modern Collection, featuring tangible, ergonomic details that elevate user experience. The great design is made effortless as Neo Modern combines convenience and smart functionality to meet your everyday needs. The clean, crisp lines of this collection are highly versatile for many bathroom styles.

American Standard Neo Modern Collection comes with a selection of basins and faucets that can perfectly match each other to add a dose of grandeur to any bathroom setting. Smart details on Neo Modern faucets, such as an angled arc on the lever as well as smooth handle performance, promise homeowners added comfort.

Features of the Neo Modern Toilet:

ComfortClean: Effectively kills E. coli bacteria according to tests done with IMSL

SiphonMax: A dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets for a powerful swirl, and a lower jet to remove heavy and light waste completely.

Water-Saving: Water-saving for ecological and economical sense.

Right Height: Easy to get on and off, especially for the elderly, pregnant and disabled.

Slow-Closing Seat & Cover: Gentle and quiet closing action.