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A phrase that perhaps defined 2019 for us was: Isn’t there an app for that?

While there were several hits and misses in the year 2019, the year unanimously showcased a brand’s focus on cutting-edge advancements and efficiencies offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. From content consumption to online shopping and food discovery, AI has become an integral part of our lives. Thus, it hardly comes as a surprise when the burgeoning world of stock markets investments get an AI makeover!

In a development that would surely spread cheers amongst the growing tribe of retail equity investors, AI technology is crunching huge data sets to offer a competitive edge to traders and investors. For instance, say ‘Hello’ to Angel Broking’s AI-driven revolutionary investment engine ‘ARQ’ – a first-of-its-kind, intelligent, and predictive investment engine for smart trading.

With the power of ARQ, one can easily bid adieus to relying on the P/E ratios, support and resistance lines, or stay glued to your TV sets, checking the latest market developments over and over again. Instead, ARQ ushers investors and traders into the new era of Smart Trading, leveraging AI-algorithms and Quant to Nobel-Prize-winning Modern Portfolio theory for personalized and data-driven advice.

Apart from in-depth market assessment, ARQ also takes into account your individual financial goals and risk profile to extend the finest recommendations. The proprietary software suite processes a massive amount of data to zero in on literally the best investment advice out of billions of permutations and combinations. This is perhaps why ARQ is able to consistently outperform the industry benchmarks by considerable margins.

Coming from some of the best data scientists, technology experts, and market researchers and the acquired industry experience, ARQ is clearly the harbinger of a new era in trading. In a nutshell, it is to stock broking what fire was to early men! It is making Angel Broking the go-to platform for stocks, investments, or comprehensive advisory assistance for one and all.

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