Angel Investor & Ex-Shark Tank Consultant – Amit Raj Gogia Partners with Seasoned Investors to Launch Seed Pitchathon

Seed Pitchathon

November 2022: ARG aka Amit Raj Gogia, a Scale up expert; angel investor; mentor to consumer health ventures; 2X Founder & Ex Shark Tank Consultant S2 has launched Seed Pitchathon for early stage startup founders to pitch to investors for funding.

Founders of early stage startups struggle to raise seed rounds for several reasons, primary being no network in the investor community. Hence they resort to the option of cold calling or mailing any investor they get to know about. This simply does not work as the ratio of startups and investors is so skewed that such pitches are mostly lost in exchange itself.

Most importantly not all investors are active in all stages of a startup journey and sector agnostic.

Every Investor connected with a fund or angel network has an investment thesis which lays out the exact stage & sector in which they are active.

Only 5 selected startups get to pitch for 10 mins (5 mins for pitch and 5 mins for Q&A) to a select panel of investors. Those startups that excite investors are then formally introduced post the event over mail. This way, the founders get to showcase their ventures to a panel of diverse funds in one go, not only saving precious time and effort but also ensuring success of a startup journey by getting the much needed capital to scale up.

Commenting on the event, Amit Raj Gogia, curator of the event said: “As an ex-founder I can relate to the challenges being faced by founders during the early stage when resources are a constraint and they do not have enough run-way to make the right connections with investors for funds, hence the genesis of this Pitchathon to support them in the crucial phase of fundraising”

In order to support early stage founders in reaching out to the right investors and supporting them during the challenge of fund raising, On the occasion, Amit said: ”Seed Pitchathon” would be a series of pitching events where by seasoned investor panel will hear and decide which startups they are keen to proceed further with for investment”

The first of this series of events is scheduled on 26h November (virtually). We already have a confirmed panel of investors for this event from diverse funds.

ARG also moderates a FOC founder only community (touching 500 members already) which has been designed for sharing growth hacks for scaling up and also conducts VC sessions on weekends to support founders in fundraising (9 events have already been executed successfully) with the sole purpose being to pay it forward to founder community in all ways possible.