Artbuzz, a hospitality brand forecasts 25 properties in the next 15 months

India, 2024: 

ArtBuzz, a young and innovative hospitality brand, is revolutionizing how digital nomads and remote workers experience travel and work with their chain of Hostels and Co-working spaces. Founded two years ago, ArtBuzz has already achieved significant revenue milestones and is poised for exciting growth, planning to expand to 25 properties in the next 15 months.

ArtBuzz offers private rooms, dorms, and boutique stays in popular locations across India, including Kasol, Manali, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Goa, and Rishikesh.  ArtBuzz features an in-house Rooftop Cafe serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, With their unique blend of hospitality and creative energy, ArtBuzz is attracting travelers seeking a comfortable and inspiring place to stay. 

ArtBuzz offers dedicated co-working spaces designed for productivity and inspiration, complete with perfect amenities, ideal for remote workers and freelancers. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere and their aesthetic and modern design The social areas designed come alive with events and activities that are not just for good looks, but also for networking and community engagement. ArtBuzz further fuels this sense of community by offering fun activities and games like snooker and foosball, making it a perfect place to unwind Solo travelers especially benefit from this welcoming atmosphere, often finding lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.  

Shashank Negi, Co-founder and CEO of ArtBuzz

“At ArtBuzz, travel is more than just sightseeing. It’s about connection, creativity, and forging your path. We create a space where you can work, explore, and thrive alongside like-minded individuals. It’s about belonging, not just to a place, but to a vibrant community.” says Shashank Negi, Co-founder and CEO of ArtBuzz.

Artbuzz is committed to consistent quality and extends across all locations, implementing best practices in hospitality. ArtBuzz envisions a future offering high-quality, affordable stays while championing sustainable travel and eco-friendly practices. 

Anubha Co-founder and CFO, of ArtBuzz

“A strong financial foundation fuels our ambitious expansion plans. By ensuring operational efficiency and implementing best practices across all locations, we’re creating a sustainable model for growth that allows us to deliver exceptional value to our guests,” says Anubha Co-founder and CFO, of ArtBuzz

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