Asahi Kasei’s innovative Frying Pan Foil becomes the Indian kitchen’s perfect oil- free cooking partner for a healthier lifestyle

Asahi Kasei’s innovative Frying Pan Foil

In the past few months, health has been the conversation that has shaken most of us up as most of our near and loved ones have seen tough times. Immunity and leading a healthy lifestyle has become a big switch that people are looking at making while fighting a global pandemic. What we consume is directly related to our health and thus healthy eating and enjoying the food we eat has become important while also staying indoors and convincing ourselves that this is for a better tomorrow. One cutting-edge kitchen product that has revolutionized the way for both experienced and amateur new home cooks in the kitchen, while saving time and yet ensuring a healthy and hassle-free cooking experience for culinarians of all levels, is Asahi Kasei’s Frying Pan Foil – the latest innovation in the cooking space.

We all may follow different diets and may have different cooking styles but the Frying Pan Foil can be used in multiple ways. Keeping in mind the season and climatic conditions where most parts of the country are facing the monsoon season, we may often indulge in eating unhealthy food. This is when a Frying Pan Foil comes to rescue where one can prepare various types of dishes using the product. The Frying Pan Foil is Japan’s No.1 Silicone coated aluminium foil, one can simply place this on a pan and cook over the foil, using oil can be skipped since it has a Silicone coated on one side, this prevents food from sticking to the foil. Thus, due to reduction in oil intake one can reduce their calories intake and by using Frying Pan Foil for oil free cooking, one can reduce calories to a great extent and can remain fit and healthy. A lot of us have food cravings while being home and innovative kitchen products can help us shift into eating healthier food that is home cooked. The Frying Pan Foil eliminates the use of cookware and post – cooking clean up of utensils as it reduces the number of pans (Tava, frying pan, dosa Tawa) required in your kitchen. One can easily shift to making pan-fried food like dosa, Uthappa, paneer tikka, omelet, and fried eggs without using oil.

“With food habits evolving at such a rapid rate over the last decade, having this product in our homes is truly revolutionary. There is a tendency to indulge in poor eating habits when the seasons change, which is why a Frying Pan Foil may be utilised to prepare dishes that are both good and healthy”, says Sr. Marketing Manager, Asahi Kasei India Pvt. Ltd. Luve Oberoi.While most of us have different cooking techniques, this is a great product to have in a kitchen to try oil-free cooking while still ensuring we have a balanced lifestyle with proper nutrition and diet”.

Asahi Kasei, Japan’s No 1 Premium Wrap brand, first entered India in 2014 and has since slowly found its way into every Indian kitchen. Their products have been used in Japan for over 60 years, demonstrating their ease of use and quality. In 2020 they were awarded by Economics Times for an Industry leadership award for ‘Preferred Premium Kitchen Cooking and Food Preserving Sheets Brand.

The Frying Pan Foil is now available in stores like Big Bazaar, Le Marche, Foodhall in Delhi NCR, Reliance stores and many general trade stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Punjab and also online at Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket at a price point of INR 249/- and on an average, it can last for a month.