Assure Clinic announces major international business expansion plans, ventures into GCC region starting with Dubai

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Mumbai, September 2022: Assure Clinic, a leading name in hair restoration and skin services, has announced plans to expand its footprint through a network of centers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Starting with the launch of its first international center in Dubai, this October, Assure Ventures, an entity being set up to drive the new business is set to give people in the GCC region an opportunity to avail of the very best in hair and skin treatment.

Since its opening in 2016, Assure Clinic helmed by its Founder, and MD Dermatologist, Dr. Abhishek Pilani, and Founder Dr. Priyanka D Pilani has successfully steered the company to operate 13 outlets across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Raipur, Surat, Jaipur, Vadodara, and Lucknow. A privileged center is also set to open in Andheri over the next few weeks.

Assure Clinic’s foray into the GCC region, through Assure Ventures, is being done in partnership with Mr. Sathish Subbiah, the Founding Partner of Fiducia Capital, DIFC. An investment of USD 6 million, has been agreed and will be deployed in several tranches. As a part of the expansion plans, Assure Ventures will establish a network of 6-8 centres over a two year period offering hair restoration and dermatological services. Besides Dubai, the centres will be located across the GCC, including Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Assure Clinic, which had raised, the 2 Million US $ at a Rs. 100 Crore valuation last year, has grown from 1 to 14 centers over the last six years. The company turnover is also a reflection of the top-quality service that Assure Clinic offers. From a turnover of Rs. 1 crore in 2016, the company registered a turnover of Rs 25 crore last year. In the preceding quarter this year, Assure Clinic reported an average turnover of Rs 36 crore. Starting from 1000 clients, the team at Assure now caters to 30,000 plus satisfied customers.

Besides consolidating its expansion plans, Assure Clinic will also launch specialised products in India along with a mobile App that will offer a higher reach to clients interested in availing their hair restoration and skin services.

“Assure Clinic has been successful in offering advanced solutions using ultra-density hair transplants and Micro FUE to our clients. Our business of six years is backed by successful case studies of hair restoration and offers all skin care services, lasers, and aesthetics under one roof. Having established ourselves in India, we believe that it is the right time to expand and take an Indian brand overseas. We begin with the GCC region, over the next few years plans are to spread out into a global network, just as Assure becomes synonymous with hair and skin care,” said Dr. Abhishek Pilani, MD Dermatologist, Founder- Assure Clinic.