ATZ Expands Offerings to Include 8k-Enabled AV Hardware

SINGAPORE, June 13, 2024  — ATZ, a leading provider of AV hardware is proud to upgrade their collection to include 8k-enabled HDMI Matrix Switchers, HDMI Splitters and Fiber Extenders. The new hardware will be launched in June 2024 to enable gamers, event planners, broadcasters and home entertainment enthusiasts to move forward with clarity. With up to 3 years of warranty, after-sales support and ready-stock for delivery, ATZ is well-positioned to meet emerging AV needs.

High-quality Viewing Experience

8K resolution provides incredibly detailed and sharp images, offering an immersive viewing experience, especially on large screens or in professional settings like commercial theaters, home studios or conference rooms. To fully appreciate the benefits of 8K resolution, all components of the AV system need to support it.

Variations for Commercial and Personal Use

ATZ AV cables are favoured by major solution integrators, installers, contractors, designers, and event planners for their cables over 10m. For home theatre and gaming enthusiasts, there are shorter and more affordable options for a commercial viewing experience at home.

Full Range of AV Equipment

In environments where multiple displays or projectors are used, such as sports stadiums, concert venues, or large conference halls, ATZ provides the full range of equipment including HDMI matrix switchers and splitters that are necessary to distribute 8K content efficiently to various screens or projectors. Their HDMI matrix switchers, in particular, offer fast switching, 8K to 4K/2K downscaling function, and built-in equalizer, scaling, retiming, and driver features, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility in complex AV setups.

Fiber Extenders for Long-distance transmission

Fiber extenders are often used when long-distance transmission of AV signals is required, such as in stadiums, airports, or large event venues. ATZ fiber optic cables can transmit 8K60 resolution over 300m for uninterrupted and reliable output without loss of quality.