Rahul Gupta’s Resilience Builds dollar100 Million Venture Debt Business

Demonstrating remarkable resilience and a spirit of innovation, Rahul Gupta founded ValuAble in October 2023, a $100 million venture debt business aimed at fostering economic inclusion.

His professional journey has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of turning challenges into opportunities, resulting in several industry-first initiatives and consistently delivering tangible results.

rahul gupta

ValuAble is dedicated to enabling purpose-driven entrepreneurs in their journey towards building and expanding sustainable businesses and creating meaningful impact. By combining profitability with passion & purpose, ValuAble partners with change-makers to create a meaningful and sustainable impact and build an ecosystem driven by principles of equity and inclusivity

Despite being severely sighted and partially auditory impaired, Gupta refused to let societal expectations define him. “With a leap of faith and a heart full of dreams, I built ValuAble to drive economic value by investing in diverse stakeholders and cutting-edge technologies, fostering mainstream inclusion and helping attain ‘Freedom from Exclusion,'” said Rahul Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner of ValuAble. His journey began with overcoming significant health challenges during his schooling years and pursuing higher education at St. Stephen’s College and Delhi School of Economics.

Rahul Gupta‘s career in the banking industry spans 17 years, during which he broke through barriers and emerged as an accomplished professional. As one of the youngest Senior Vice Presidents and the first severely sighted banking leader in a leading private sector bank, he led impact-oriented projects, including 12 LP investments, USD 2 billion+ in financing, 2 DFI partnerships, and the CDP Taskforce. His commitment extends beyond his entrepreneurial ventures. As a board member of Sarthak Educational Trust and the National Abilympics Association of India, he has been instrumental in empowering individuals with disabilities, establishing over 3,100 early intervention services in Delhi NCR, creating more than 46,000 vocational skill-building programs, and facilitating over 75,000 job opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) across India.