AUG Innovation Day Unveils Path Breaking Innovations

Dr. Aseem Chauhan Chancellor Amity University Gurugram

Ayurvedic Biotechnology based Gullar tree milk for liver regeneration, Akara flowers extract for chrome asthma treatment,  Waste Water Treatment using Nano Particles, Nanostructured materials for bulletproof jackets and bulletproof glass, Nano Biosensor to detect chronic diseases(Scrub typhur, Leprospicosis, Rheumatic, Heart Disease), Stem Cell-based cucumber extract for eco friendly skin cream providing UV protection and skin rejuvenation, AI integrated Humanoid, Drone-based smart agriculture, intelligent robot for fire fighting and eco-friendly Hydro-electric battery nano-energy generators for electronic and embedded medical devices for tomorrow’s electric vehicles are some of the innovations which were displayed at Amity University Gurgaon (AUG)  as part of its annual Innovation Day celebration which is held  on 28th September 2019. The day was a culmination of year-long activities at AUH campus showcasing innovation practices from various domains from different Amity campuses.

Addressing the young innovators and Scientist, Dr. Aseem Chauhan Chancellor Amity University Gurugram said that “at Amity, we shoulder the responsibility to provide to the nation, implementable solutions to the current and future challenges by pooling together the innovative and creative genius that we invest in Research and Innovations. It is with this sense of commitment Amity Universities in India are seriously engaged in pursuing cutting edge R &D and solution research.

In his welcome address Vice Chancellor Amity University GurugramProf. PB Sharma shared the report on the R & D Projects and Innovations undertaken at the university during the year 2018-19. Said Prof Sharma “Our eyes are well set to cause innovations in plenty, contribute to solution research for the industry and society and provide an education and research environment to empower our graduates and scholars with the “Wings of Knowledge and Power of Innovation”.

A compendium of 101 Patents filed by AUG was also released at the Inaugural function by Founder President of Amity Education Group Dr. Ashok K Chauhan. Patents filed by AUG includes a Hidrogel crafted wood husk for removal of chemical dyes from Industrial Waste Water, Automated Chimney fire extinguisher, Artificial Blood Cells and Platelets from Stem Cell Sources and the development of a Nano-Particle Coated Fabric that has anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-microtic and self-cleaning properties similar to the dress presented to Goddess Sita at Chitrackoot during the Ramayana times by the virtuous female sage Anasuiyya that also had anti-dust, anti-microbial and self cleaning properties. It is said that the dress presented to Goddess Sitalasted for over 14 years without the need for dry cleaning and protected her from the microbial and Insect attacks in Jungles of DandakarnyaandTapovan at Nasik and also in Sri Lanka at Ashok Vatika.

Addressing the august gathering, the renowned Indian Scientist Prof. GP Talwar,  PadamBhushan, popularly known as  father of Indian immunology applauded Amity University for its passion for Industry and Society Relevant R & D and Innovations.

Prof Rajendra Prasad, Dean of Science and Engineering at AUH while making a detailed presentation on R & D Projects and Publications at AUG informed that till date over 50 mission oriented  Research Projects worth approximately 25 Crores have been awarded to AUG by funding agencies DST, DBT, ICMR, BARC, ISRO AYSUH, BARC and number of international bodies . A Centre for Excellence in Lipidomics has been established at AUG that has already become a major facility in the country. The agenda of Interdisciplinary Research is being driven at AUH through 10 Research Clusters that includes Infection Diseases, Nano ScienceTechnology, Stem Cell Research, Big-data Analytics, Robotics and AI and Air Quality and Water Technology.

A State of Art Central Instrumentation Research Facility (CIRF) was also inaugurated on the occasion of Innovation Day at AUG by Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan in the august presence of Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram, Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor of Amity, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation, Dr. AK Nagpal, Chairman Amity Medical Board and Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Secretary Technology Development Board of DST. The CIRF facility houses Confocal Microscope, UV-VIS Spectrometer, FACS, Gel Doc, HPLC, with total funding of Rs 5 Crores from Amity University.  This research facility is major Central Research Facility in NCR Region and shall provide a multi user environment to foster multi-disciplinary research in various science and technology areas of vital importance to the nation.

Prof Liz Maw, President of Presidio Graduate School, USA was awarded Honorary Professorship of Amity University. Prof Liz Maw is a renowned expert of sustainable leadership and agile entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan in his address to university faculty, research scientists and students said obstacles come in life but we have to learn to get out of it. I breathe innovation, I dream innovation and sleep innovation. What we teach in Amity are Sanskars& values which are not taught in many great universities of the world.

Amity University Gurugram in a short span of 10 years has emerged as a hub of immense creativity, thought leadership in a vibrant hub of higher-end R & D in areas like Big-Data and AI, Machine Learning and IoT, Life Science, Bio-Technology, Bio-Medical Engineering, Nano-Science and Technology, Water Technology and Air Pollution Mitigation and Control and a crusader of sustainability, that has earned for our young university the honour of being a Platinum Category LEED Certified campus by the US Green Building Council (GBC).


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