AVer Joins Astrogate Partnership Program to Strengthen Video Conferencing Solutions

AVer Joins Astrogate Partnership Program to Strengthen Video Conferencing SolutionsTaipei, Taiwan October 20, 2023: AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video conferencing solutions, has joined the Astrogate Partnership Program as a validated technology partner. This program expands the capabilities of AVer’s video conferencing cameras to include ASTROS Conference, Astrogate’s wireless conferencing solution.

AVer‘s video conferencing solutions and ASTROS Conference streamline the process of virtual meetings. AVer video conferencing solutions ensure that remote workers have high-quality audio-video meeting experiences while ASTROS Conference gives in-office workers an intuitive wireless collaborative experience. Setting up and starting meetings through the joint solution is a simple, straightforward process—after connecting the AVer camera solution to the ASTROS Station, plug in the ASTROS Pod to the laptop, open Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and the meeting is now ready to go. The partnership program ensures that teams can collaborate effortlessly whether meetings are hybrid or in-office.

AVer creates different camera solutions for various sizes of meeting rooms. The VB342 Pro supports virtual meetings in smaller rooms, while the VB350 video bar is a great choice for medium-sized rooms. For bigger meeting spaces, the CAM570 and CAM520 Pro3 have quality lenses that ensure crystal-clear imaging. AI-driven technologies such as Auto Framing, Audio Tracking, and Audio Fence seamlessly capture presenters, track team conversations, and further enhance the hybrid meeting experience.

“Through its official collaboration with Astrogate, we introduce unified video conferencing solutions that bridge the divide between remote and in-office workers and drive collaboration efficiency,” states David Kuo, Director of the Smart Industry Unit at AVer. “This partnership merges products of both brands to deliver a premium solution that ensures the efficacy of video conference meetings.”

Astrogate’s Partnership Program continues to broaden its capabilities by incorporating complementary solutions to achieve seamless integration of technologies, with the ultimate goal of delivering an enriched overall user experience.

Allie Liu, Vice President of Sales at Astrogate, states:Astrogate‘s primary focus is always on enhancing user experience. Our main priority lies in facilitating seamless and effortless collaboration within meeting rooms. As a result, we are truly honored to collaborate with AVer, a company that resonates with the same customer-centric ethos. Through this partnership, we have integrated our solutions to achieve a remarkable synergy. AVer‘s exceptional video and audio quality, when paired with ASTROS wireless conferencing technology, create a harmonious blend that guarantees an unparalleled hybrid meeting room experience.”

For more on AVer’s Conferencing Solutions, please see aver.com/solution/videoconferencing-business-communication#room_solutions

For more on Astrogate’s ASTROS Conference, please see astrogate.com/astros-conference