Axio Biosolutions Partners with Olive Planet to Launch ASK MIL Kiosk to Revolutionize Bleeding Control

Axio Biosolutions Partners with Olive Planet to Launch ASK MIL Kiosk to Revolutionize Bleeding Control

20th May, 2023, Bangalore,– AxioBiosolutions, a leading medical technology company, has launched ASK(AxiostatSurakshaKavach) MIL Kiosk in collaboration with Olive Planet in a revolutionary move to empower armed forces with cutting-edge medical technology for bleeding control. This state-of-the-art bleeding control kit has been thoughtfully curated in line with Axio’s vision to redefine the standards of emergency medical care for the frontline soldiers. The kiosk at Olive Planet was inaugurated by the Guest of Honour,Dr.Aruna Ramesh, Professor and HOD Emergency Medicine, Ramaiah Medical College.

The ASK MIL Kiosk features the ASK kit, MIL 300 Z-fold gauze, and an information leaflet, meticulously designed to provide the warriors with the required tools to save lives in combat situations. Every drop of blood saved is a life saved encapsulating the core purpose of this ground-breaking initiative. Under the collaboration the ASK MIL Kiosk will be placed at Olive Planet stores in Bangalore, Indore, New Delhi, and Chennai to reach out to soldiers preparing for special operations and UN missions.

Sharing his views on the exclusive collaboration,Dr.AshutoshMundkur, Director of Operations, AxioBiosolutionssaid,”AxiostatSurakshaKavach (ASK) is a highly advanced, next-generation bleeding control kit for the armed forces. During the critical golden hour, ASK will provide our soldiers with the requisite means to stop bleeding swiftly and effectively and prevent possible fatalities. These kiosks at Olive Planet stores will offer hands-on information and innovative medical technology, enabling soldiers to experience the strength and adaptability of these life-saving medical aids.”

Sharing her views on the importance of trauma training, Dr.Aruna Ramesh, Professor and HOD Emergency Medicine, Ramaiah Medical College said, “We believe in the power of awareness generation and training programs to make a significant difference in the field of trauma. Our bleeding control training for laypersons is aimed at equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge required to handle critical situations with confidence and ease.”

In addition to empowering the soldiers, it is important to provide active bleeding control training to laypersons and raise awareness about trauma & emergency. In 2021, the active bleeding control training for laypersons was launched along with the CHOPS – Children Hospital of Philadelphia, PediSTAR, GVKEMRI. So far, Ramaiah Medical College has trained over 2000 individuals in haemorrhage control of accident victims to be of help until EMS arrives.

“We believe in connecting with our soldiers on a deeper level. At Olive Planet, our goal is to provide the best tactical and survival gear to soldiers and our collaboration with AxioBiosolutions is a significant step in the right direction. The haemostatic bandages will help save several lives in the battlefield, and we are delighted to partner with Axio to equip our braveheart soldiers with the best tools available in the market.” said Captain NiranthBymana& Captain Chethan, DirectorOlive Planet.

The interactive kiosk will serve as an educational platform, empowering soldiers with the knowledge and skills required to handle critical situations with confidence.