Be open to change and reskill to stay relevant in the job market, says Rishad Premji

Be open to change and reskill to stay relevant in the job market, says Rishad Premji

Rishad Premji, Chairman, Wipro – The Next-Gen Entrepreneur shares his view on Rewiring India’s thinking on automation, AI and the workforce at India Today Conclave, Mumbai 2019.

#About 20 years back, the foreign IT companies came to India because of the cost advantage, they stayed for quality and everybody made money because of scale. The opportunity was tremendous. But the technology industry is disruptively changing now and every company will have to reinvent and understand the customer deeper.

#Profound changes in the business of banks, hospitals, retail companies, among others are happening. It gives the business opportunity for IT companies to reimagine, redesign and re-engineer the companies in other sectors.

# Jobs will remain in areas where human intervention is needed. Artificial intelligence is empowering professionals like teachers, lawyers, and doctors etc to enhance their abilities to address larger issues in bigger scale. About 10 percent of jobs might have vanished because of technologies like AI and machine learning. But it was the same when every new technology came. IT industry is still a job creator despite the disturbances.

#Technology grows through human beings. So we should think through the social implications while developing technologies. Jobs will not become an issue if the technology is handled judiciously.

#People will have to change with time and should be adaptive in embracing new technologies. Educational institutions should empower the teachers to skill their students to adjust to the changing job environment.


“Jobs are dynamically changing. Future jobs will be specialized ones. People in the broad-based jobs should have the mindset to change,” said Rishad Premji, Chairman, WIPRO.

“India produces many global companies and Indian startups will thrive in the global arena in the next five years,” said RishadPremji, Chairman, WIPRO.

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