Benling India eyes North Eastern states as part of its strategic expansion plan

Benling India eyes North Eastern states as part of its strategic expansion plan

Benling India Energy &Technology Pvt Ltd (BENLG), India’s emerging two-wheeler e-vehicle manufacturer, is planning to initiate a training project in partnership with the Assam Government. The project aims to provide training and technical guidance to the local workforce to boost manpower efficiency.

Speaking on the occasion of North East Mobility Conclave held in Guwahati, Assam Mr Paritosh Dey, CEO and Co-Founder, Benling India said “Both government and private sectors should focus on upskilling the local population in these states. The government should also spearhead efforts to upgrade skills of the workforce at par with the international standards through significant industry involvement, and devise a necessary framework for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.”

He further added that Benling India is committed to undertaking continuous innovation and enhancing the infrastructure in the electric vehicle technology segment in the country. With an unwavering focus on quality, Benling is geared towards the production of electric vehicles that are highly efficient, lightweight, durable and eco-friendly. The company also envisions to implement the efforts of the government in making India a pollution free country and usher in a sustainable automotive ecosystem.

Talking about opportunities and challenges in the electric vehicle segment, Mr Dey added infrastructure is one of the greatest concern for electric vehicle players in India, to overcome this issue combined effort from public and private sectors should be done focusing on providing basic charging infrastructure and amenities in institutional areas, colleges, shopping malls, and corporate parks etc.“Various startups eyeing the North Eastern states for business opportunities should focus on improving skills and productivity of the common populace through the creation of adequate training opportunities.” He further said

Organized by World Resource Institute (WRI) India at Guwahati, the North East Mobility Conclave aimed to deliberate on the policy framework in the electric vehicle segment and accelerate the adoption of EVs in the North Eastern states. Beginning with Assam, the one-day summit aimed at strengthening the electric vehicle ecosystem in the remaining “Seven Sisters”, namely Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.

Benling India had earlier launched a series of three low speed (25 kmph) e-scooter models namely Kriti, Falcon, and Icon and has also lined up a high-speed EV bike by January 2020. Benling, currently, has a production capacity of 3000 vehicles per month and is targeting to scale up production to 10,000 vehicles per month.