Cadila Pharma launches lotion to treat dry skin conditions


Laglo Soft Lotion comes with a unique technology that enhances moisturisation and restructures the skin.

Launching another product in the skincare category, drug major Cadila Pharmaceuticals has launched an intense moisturizing formula to treat dry skin conditions.

Christened Laglo Soft Lotion, the formula is used to treat dry skin conditions and associated disorders. It is proven to be effective in treating Xerosis, Ichthyosis, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Skin Ageing, and Co-therapy with Corticosteroids.

The formula’s unique technology not only leads to enhanced moisturisation but also restructures the skin.

“Dry skin problems are becoming increasingly common among a growing number of people. We are happy to launch the Laglo Soft Lotion which can treat a range of dry skin conditions and worse,” said Mr. Suresh Gupta, President, Domestic Business of Cadila Pharmaceuticals

The Laglo Soft Lotion is based on the “3D Aquaporin Hydraconcept” and contains ‘Aquaxyl’ that boosts Hyaluronic Acid Production and increases the genetic expression of the Aquaporin AQP3 membrane for long-lasting hydration for intensive moisture retention and barrier component booster. The addition of moisturizing butters also helps in bringing life back to the skin.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ( is one of the largest privately-held pharmaceutical companies of India. It has recently concluded and cleared USFDA inspection successfully in February 2020. Over the past six decades, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of affordable medicines and in making them available for patients across the world. Its innovation-driven drug discovery processes ensure the health and well-being of people around the world.