Chartered Speed launches luxurious caravan services, Vahn in Ahmedabad

Vahan Caravan 2

Ahmedabad, 1st March 2022: Chartered Speed, one of India’s leading surface mobility companies has announced the launch of luxurious caravan services in Ahmedabad – ‘Vahn’.

Vahn (a portmanteau of Sanskrit ‘vahan’ and Latin ‘van’) was born in the middle of a pandemic by a family of travellers. The makers of Vahn sought to bring a liberating road-travel experience to people which was independent of unhygienic hotel stays and restaurant visits while travelling.

The demands of a modern-day traveller have been taken into consideration while designing these self-contained caravans. Now traveller enthusiasts across the country can indulge in a safe, luxurious, and top-of-the-class travel experience.

Their first van, ‘Roller’, is inspired and similarly visualized as the “Indian roller” bird. It is thoughtfully built with king and queen-sized beds, a fully equipped kitchenette and a modern restroom with a shower. For cooking fresh meals on the road, the caravan has appliances like an induction pot, kettle and fridge. The vans can sleep 4-5 and seat up to 8 people.

What’s more? Vahn also takes up custom van conversion projects for personal use.

Moksha Gandhi, founder & lead designer at Vahn, says “Vahn is for everyone. From solo travellers & artists seeking a fresh air of inspiration to a seasoned family looking for a break from the monotony of life, to a big troop looking for their next big adventure.”

Speaking on the launch, Sanyam Gandhi, Director, Chartered Speed said, “We are extremely excited to launch the caravan services for travel lovers. The concept of travel is transforming immensely post the advent of the pandemic; and one kind of travel experience that’s gaining much momentum during these times is that of road trips. Understanding this need, we have associated with Moksha Gandhi to create an infrastructure that will ensure a comfortable, safe and luxurious travel experience on the go. We want to encourage travel lovers to book these caravans and go all out with their families, friends and loved ones while experiencing home-on-the-go”

Vahn Caravan

Caravan Features:

  • King and queen-sized beds to seat up to 8 and sleep up to 5
  • Fully equipped Kitchenette with refrigerator, deep sink, induction pot, kettle, cookware, and cutlery
  • Restroom with Shower with water closet, shower, and clothes rail
  • Premium Entertainment with TV and Bluetooth speaker system
  • Working Desk with 120V outlets and USB ports
  • Storage compartments and spacious boot
  • Portable cooking range and outdoor seating set
  • Safety appliances with first AID and fire extinguisher