Climate Change is as Real as Death: Amitav Ghosh :: ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ summit

Amitav GhoshMumbai, February 2023: People have avoided talking about Climate Change and use it to end a conversation because of its depressing nature, said eminent author Amitav Ghosh. Speaking at ABP Network’s second edition of the ‘Ideas of India’ summit, on the topic, ‘The Great Derangement – Facing a Climate Catastrophe’, he said, “Being in the centers of India, we believe in the dynamic economy of India, but all around the margins of this country, there is incredible suffering that is coming because of climate change.”

The author labeled climate change as ‘slow violence’ as “people have driven away from their lands over long periods of time, and an incredible demographic shift has occurred in India which unfortunately passes largely unnoticed.”

Elaborating on the topic, he highlighted how “capitalism is the greatest market failure of all time”. “How can you actually expect people to care about climate change who are told that greed is good and that you need to make money for your shareholders to care about the environment & land,” he asked. This is what he calls “greenwashing” by capitalists who only showcase their concerns about climate change on paper.

The author believes that “India has wholeheartedly adopted the model of a kind of extractivist” which is the removal of natural resources for export with minimal processing. “This will lead to an absolute disaster, as one can see in Mumbai with the threat to the Coastal Road due to the rise in sea levels,” he added. Further speaking about this, he said that Mumbai was 6 islands that joined over the course of 100 years. “The water never gives anything up willingly and these islands are going to go back to the sea,” he explained.

Speaking about the Green Revolution, the author reveals “What was seen to be a huge boon, is now only one of the phenomena, the unintended consequences of which have been disastrous in the long run.”

The summit promises an invigorating line-up of speakers with prominent figures from the world of business, politics, artists from the Hindi Film Industry, authors and other eminent sectors. The two-day conference confluences diverse ideas from various industries to promote India in becoming a burgeoning leader in the world.